Friday, July 19, 2013

NCC: Day 3 and Mint mani for Talia

So by now everyone has heard about the magical Talias passing. R.I.P. dear girl ...
She truly is inspiring - to keep on in adversity and look damn good while doing it. My current personal life is in the crapper - my BF and friends are the only bright points right now. But this young girl relay gives me hope to 'get up and buck up' not to give in my daily blues :) So thank you :)

As a blogger I decided to take part of the mint manis challenge to give tribute to the inspiring angel :)

For the look I used China glaze for Audrey and Below deck. Over it I added the coat of OPI and stamps made with Essence stamp me!white and Essence stamps :)

Today go out and do something fun you have been putting off :)


  1. Wonderful mint mani for Talia.

  2. Is so sad, but I think she would be very happy seeing all your manis :)
    (Sorry if my english isn't good, I`m learning)


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