Sunday, July 28, 2013


YAY! It's almost here!!! My Baroque fool is turning 1 year old! I am so happy to meet you all who are willing to share my crazy travels! In a few days his b-day is here and I almost reached 200 GFC followers so I decided to make 2 giveaways :) They are both international!!! And consist of Vintage Limited Editions from Essence and Catrice and 2 rare Prefect holographic polishes!

Feel free to enter the rafflecopter below :)
Everyone is welcome :)

*You must be over 18 to enter. I bought all the products on my own.*

Right now I am leaving to Croatia for a week so click away :)

Price no.1

Essence - Ballerinas charm - Dance the swan lake
Essence - Lavender blossom
Essence - Fantasia - Queen of cloud castle
Catrice - Glamazona - Lime heart is beating like a jungle drum
Catrice - Neo geisha - Picked cherry blossoms
Perfect - holographic - H4

Price no.2

Essence - Tribal summer - Tipi ya yeah
Essence - Crazy good times - Candyction
Essence - Floral grunge - Madly purpled
Catrice - Candy shock - Play it blue
Catrice - Neo Geisha - Discreet artist
Perfect - holographic - H8

Good luck to you all :)


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Friday, July 26, 2013

TNCC: Week #4 Cracked flowers

Here is my last flowers look - it's a bit unusual and not classical flowery. But I love crackle polishes and I adore this look even thou it has a lot of pink it in :)

The base is China glaze Infra-red, the dark crackle is China glaze fault line, the brighter crackle is Depend no. 5006. The flowers are made with Essence nail art decoration gold kit.

Hope you like it :)


Thursday, July 25, 2013

TPC: Day #4 Sprite and 7up

So this concludes this months tri-polish drinks challenge :) I dedicate these nails to my BF who's favorite fizzy drinks are Sprite and 7up :)

I used the same 3 colors: Ulta3 Blue marlin, (Ruby kisses Blues clues) and Catrice I am not a greenager. I also used Essence stamp me!White and MJ XIV plate for stamps :)

What do you like better Sprite or 7up?


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

TPC: Day 3 Baileys and Chivas regal

OK so a rule of this challenge is that at least once you have to use all 3 colors at once :) And until now I have not used all 3 at once. But today here they are all the lovely neons at once. Today is again b00ze day here :) And what makes a morning better then a little of mint Baileys in your coffee? Or what is more calming then a nice glass of Chivas regal at the end of your day? :)

Today I used the 3 colors, MJ XIV stamping plate, some Essence stamp me! black and white for the stamps and base. I hope you like it :)

So what do you like better Chivas regal or Baileys?


Monday, July 22, 2013 review

Get ready for some swatches and Slovenian language today :)
The lovely owner of the page send me a package of polishes for review and I am in love with all 3. So get ready for some pretty pictures and excited girlie screams :)

Ker sem produkte dobila od slovenske strani sem se odločila, da bom pisala ta pregled izdelkov tudi v Slovenščini. 
Prijazna lastnica strani mi je poslala paketek lakov za nohte za pregled in sem se zaljubila v vse 3. Tako, da pripravite se na lepe slikce in dekliške krike veselja :)

The 1st is my favorite of the day Barry M Gelly Passion fruit. Until now I was not very interested in them now I know I need the entire line. The color is a deep red coral - with zero shimmer and high gloss. For this pictures I added only one coat and it was completly opaqe. Also I tired it out and it's perfect for stamping even over black base.

Prvi lak je Barry M Gelly Passion fruit, ki mi je najljubši od vseh treh. Do sedaj me niso preveč zanimali, sedaj vem, da potrebujem celotno kolekcijo. Barva je temno rdeča koralna - ne vsebuje nič šimra in ima zelo velik lesk. Za to sliko sem uporabila le eno plast laka in je popolnoma prekriven. Poizkusila sem ga tudi za štempljanje in je popoln tudi za črno bazo.

The next one is BeautyUK Grit FX Printworks. This is a textured polish and has a texture like no other polish I own so far. It was opaqe in one layer but I added one more to make it even more textured. When it comes to the sand particles they are similar to the China glaze textured polishes but it has a shine finish and no glitters. The color is one of those hard to capture antracid - teal color. So pretty :)

Naslednji je BeautyUK Grit FX Printworks. To je teksturiran lak in ustvari taksturo, kot noben drugi te vrste, ki ga imam. Bil je prekriven v eni plasti ampak sem dodala še eno plast zato, da se je utvaril še večji občutek teksturiranosti. Kar se tiče občutka peska v laku je ta podoben China glaze teksturiranem laku, ampak ima zelo bleščeč finiš in ne vsebuje bleščic. Barva je ena od tistih, ki jih je težko opisati: antracidno - turkizna. Zelo lepa :)

And the last one is a magnetic one by Mia secret named Gold stripes. I haven't worked with a magnetic polish for a while but this brand makes it easy. I applied one coat of the polish and then finger by finger I used the cap of the polish with the magnet and made the stripes. The color is more of a bronze metallic with golden stripes after using the magnet. I also tried this one as a stamping polish over black base. And it works :)

Zadnji lak je magnetičen od Mia secret imenovan Gold stripes. Že nekaj časa nisem uporabljala magnetičnega laka ampak ta znamka naredi ta postopek preprost. Nanesla sem eno plast laka in noht za nothom sem uporabljala zamašek z magnetom da sem ustvarila linije. Barva je bolj bronasta na kateri se ustvarijo zlate črte, ko se zraven uporablja magnet. Poiskusila sem ga tudi, kot lak za štempiljke preko črne baze. Deluje! :)

So this was a great review of some realy great products - now my wishlist has became even longer :) Don't forget to visit if you live in Slovenija :)

Torej to je bil super pregled nekaj res odličnih produktov - sedaj je moj 'wishlist' postal še daljši :) Ne pozabite obiskati, če živite v Sloveniji :)


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday stamping: Favorite color combination

In real life I usually wear all black and there is no color on me - only may nails. And I love almost all colors on my nails so I did rainbow nails because I have no particular color combination that I prefer. Also I am a big g33k and some of my fondest memories with my BF were playing angry birds. So here they are some cute Angry bird nails.

I wanted to make the base colors the same color as the birdies in the game :) I am in love with this mani :)

For the bases I used Catrice Earnie & birdy (yellow), Back to black (gunmetal), Essence We rock the green, Ingrid Ice cube no. 354 (red). The stamps are made with Essence stamp me!black and QA17.

Today go play angry birds and try not to get angry :)


Friday, July 19, 2013

NCC: Day 3 and Mint mani for Talia

So by now everyone has heard about the magical Talias passing. R.I.P. dear girl ...
She truly is inspiring - to keep on in adversity and look damn good while doing it. My current personal life is in the crapper - my BF and friends are the only bright points right now. But this young girl relay gives me hope to 'get up and buck up' not to give in my daily blues :) So thank you :)

As a blogger I decided to take part of the mint manis challenge to give tribute to the inspiring angel :)

For the look I used China glaze for Audrey and Below deck. Over it I added the coat of OPI and stamps made with Essence stamp me!white and Essence stamps :)

Today go out and do something fun you have been putting off :)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

TPC: Day 2 Red bull goes great with vodka

So the other day I did the Absolut vodka nails and you ladies seem to like it :) So what goes great with vodka? Red bull :)

For this look I used the 2 blues and the same MJ XIV plate. Some Essence stamp me!white and Essence Icy princess to make the gradient look like their cans.

Hope you like it :) Have a energising day :)

Red bull gives you wings :)


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

NOTD: Bye bye Ana

My dear friend Ana is off to Germany for 3 weeks - damn I will miss that girl :) But before she went I did her nails. She is a big fan of fancy cars - but the only German car stamp I had was the Volkswagen. So I did her nails with Orly Star of Bombay as base and stamps/dots with MJ XIV plates and Barry M silver foil.

I hope you like it :)

Do you ever do nails for your friends?


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

TTPNC: Day #1 Blue, Blue and Green

OK tri-polish challenge time again :) And this month I did them all according to the same theme and with the same stamping plate. So my extra theme is according to summer time - DRINKS! So get ready for a month  of refreshing drink nails :)

So my choices for this month are all neon *Not the bright traditional neon*:
Green - Catrice I'm not a greenager
Blue - Ulta3 Blue Marlin
Blue - Ruby kisses Blues clues
Stamping plate - MJ XIV

And today's nails are Absolute vodka inspired, since vodka is in a lot of summer cocktails it fits perfectly in this drinks theme :) Yummy :)


Monday, July 15, 2013

Sailor moon challenge recap

So this challenge was relay fun for me :) It felt like a weekly childhood memory awakening. So thank you to all the lovely ladies who made this happen :)

Sailor moon

Sailor Mercury
Sailor Mars

Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Venus

Artemis and Luna

Sailor Uranus and Neptune

Sailor Pluto and Saturn

Sailor Chibi moon and Pegasus

Favorite villain - The Amazoness quartet

Tuxedo mask - Sailor starlights

What was your favorite look of this challenge? Mine is the 1st one inspired by Sailor moon :)


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Zyra the rise of Thorns in 3 for 1 nail challenge special

So I am more and more running out of time to do epic nail art and somehow I am getting wrapped up in more and more nail art challenges. So this look today is Sunday stamping challenge with the theme shadow stamping *which I gave my best shoot at but failed*. Nail challenge collaborative look for the flower themed month since Zyra is a flower. And well Zyra is a League of legends champion and falls in my self appointed nail challenge *to make nails for all the champions in the game* :)

So Zyra in the game is not only hot but an epic reincarnation of Poison ivy from Batman. She is all thorns and poison flowers. Not only that, she has a magical melodic voice that makes her relay fun to play. Her abilities allow her to grow blossom flowers and with extra work they transform into different flowers that deal damage. So this is what I did in this look - also I was so inspired by The nailasaurus new waterfall technique I had to try it. So thorns, evil red grass and flowers fit perfectly for all 3 challenges :)

Hope you like it :)

Zyra the rise of Thorns

 For this look I used Carice Rockby, Planet Tokyo, Petrolpolitan. Essence Upper green side and Pink punk. S-he stylezon no. 314 and 30, Zoya Chyna, China glaze When stars collide and Kleancolor Neon Fuschia. And stamping plates HD02 and BM11.

Don't take my word for it that she's hot - here is some proof :) *Gotta love official game art that is  targeted to adolescent male players* :)
My favorite Zyra quote:

''Venture off the the beaten path''

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