Tuesday, June 4, 2013

TNCC: Neons

Grrr neons - I know they are a BIG HIT everywhere! But I relay h8 them - there are literally 5 shades of neon I like - so this challenge will be a real challenge for me. In case you are wondering they are coral, teal, red, dark blue and purple. I think the big summer hit/trend should be holos - it's their best time to shine :)

But I will put my neon h8 aside and here is what we have for the week #1 of the TNCC :)
The base is Essence LE Get arty, over it I added Emily de Molly Bright young things with hot red neon glitters <3 <3 <3 And over it I added some stamps with Essence stamp me!black and m70.

I love it how this turned out it looks like chaos on my nails <3

And here are some pictures before the stamps :)

What do you think it's more summery neons or holos?



  1. "IF" someone asked me what I thought would be a better kind of polish for summer......then, YES, I'd absolutely have to go with holos!!!!! During warm summer months when you're out and about in flip-flops hitting the pool, what would be better on your fingers and toes than a holo in the sun, flashing sooo many rainbows that it'd make a person's eye pop out???!!! However, I'm also rather partial to holos and I'd take them anyday over neons.....BUT the sun argument can't be beat!!!!
    By the way, I love your mani! It may look like chaos to you, but when I looked at it, to me, it was more of a controlled chaos....like things were out of control, but for a reason! (If that makes any sense at all!!!)

    1. HEHE Thank you for your kind words it's always nice to see a *polish soulmate* out there :)

  2. That stamp really pulls the manicure together into a great big win!


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