Sunday, June 30, 2013

Essence Ticket to paradise hair mascara review and a Goodbye to Google reader and Hello to BLOGLOVIN'

My biggest current obsession are ombre hair with colorful hair dyes. And then one of my favorite cosmetics brand Essence put out a lot of hair dye products. So here is my review of their hair mascaras from the Ticket to paradise LE.

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 So here is my natural hair - it's platinum blond with black streaks on the side

Here it is dyed with Essence Dive with me to the island. The application is easy - it's the same as a big mascara brush and you apply it to the hair. Just not to much on the same streak or it won't dry fast enough and it will leave marks on you. The drying time is from 1 - 3 min. I then brushed it all with my hair brush so the hair wouldn't get stuck together and then went trough it with my hair straightner to seal in the color. The color is a bright almost neon green turquoise color.

And here they are dyed with Essence Rumble in the jungle. It is a kind of lilac purple shade. The application was the same. The colors comes off as soon as you wash your hair. The only problem I had was since it's summer and I sweated a lot while sleeping so the pillows sometimes got some of the colors :) Both of the colors loose some of the intensity with time :) And the black streaks had almost no pigmentation on them when it tired either of the colors. So I don't recomend it to anyone who has very dark hair.

I must say I am very happy with these products and I immediately got more of the mascara hair dyes. And the colors are great for the summer - next stop 2 toned ombre hair :)

So what do you think - do you like my 1st hair product review?



  1. Replies
    1. In my local DM drug store - if you like I can get you some and we can arrange a swap if you can't get those :)

    2. Thanks!! I am going to look around here and I will let you know. They seem like the work really nicely and I have been dying to color my ends like that!

    3. Good luck :) Or send me a e-mail if you can't find them :)

  2. Now I'm sad that I don't have my blonde streak anymore... when I had it I always tried to get this green colour with hair dye by Manic Panic... ^^

  3. Why i haven't buy them !!!! that's so cool !!


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