Monday, June 17, 2013

Sailor moon challenge: Sailor Saturn/Sailor Pluto

These two outer Senshi are my favorite - but this mani is my least favorite so far ... story of my life :)
So there is not much to say :)

I did the things I like the best about them - their jewelry and their weapons - yeah I like chicks with weapons :) So my pinkie and index have Sailor Plutos earrings and key weapon. The inside nails have Sailor Saturns spiked brooch and weapon.

For the look I used:
Catrice - Vino tinto, Dance in goin, Hugo moss
Essence - Stamp me!white, Do you speak love?
Color club - Worth the risque, LA Girl - Animate
for the stamp I used LO01

Here are the lovely ladies - Saturn in the fornt, Pluto in the back *random fan art on google*

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