Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sailor moon challenge: Sailor Neptune and Uranus

YAY!!! Finally the part I am relay excited about :) I always loved the Outer senshie more then the Inner ones :) Thou Neptune and Uranus were quite confusing to me when I saw this show at 1st as a kid. Because they were a couple but Uranus was a man in real life :) But then the Sailor stars came along and I understood that sex can be transcended by magical powers :)

For the look I used their colors and made the planets on top of their transformation wands and their symbols. I am in love with this look :)

For the look I used: Base - Essence LE My sunny side and Catrice LE Birds flying high. The glitters: NYX Gilded glitter and LA Girl Nostalgic. The details are made with Essence Miss universe, Orly star of Bombay, Catrice Squeeze me and Petrolpolitan.

Here they are with some of the prettiest lyrics ever :)


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