Wednesday, June 5, 2013

7 deadly sins: Pride

OMG it's over noes! I relay loved this challenge :) In private I am rarely prideful so this weeks instructions: ''It's your time! Brag about how good you are at...'' was kind off hard for me. But then I decided to show you some of my recent work that I think relay looks great and features the stamping technique that I am quite proud of that I sort off mastered :)

This is Catrice Lilactric as base. Over it 2 coats of Emily de Molly Abstract canvas (super proud to own this huge lemming of mine) and stamps made with Essence stamp me! white and QA56 and A59 stamps. And also I am super proud of this nail shape :) *maybe I am a bit vain*

I love how this turned out :)

OMG How awesome are these big black dot glitters?

Before the stamps



  1. Loved how this manicure turned out too! :)

  2. Love how the different layers work together!

  3. I love it, I actually love all your posts. Really, amazing :)


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