Sunday, June 2, 2013

7 deadly sins: Envy vs. Favorite green

So I am not rly a big fan of the green color - but I am very envious person especially when it comes to nail art and awesome blogs. So the instructions this week were : '' Let the 'Green monster' guide you to some envyable nails ...'' And I had this green holos on the only sunny day in a while, and when my friends saw it when we meet up for coffee they had a complete polish-gazm. Holos rly are not very known outside the blogging lands - not even the salons around here know much about it :) So they inspired a lot of envy and are perfect for this look.

As a base I used Catrice Hugo moss *wich is my favorite non holo green* on my ring finger, all the other have Wet n' wild Caribbean frost as base. Then over them all I added Depend no. 2036 (two coats). This is my truly favorite green because it's a deep dark green holo <3 <3 <3 (think Hits Hera)

Hope you like it :)

*I used lots of different lights to lure the rainbows out of the nails because there relay are not any sunny days over here*

What is your favorite green polish?



  1. This is pretty!
    I think my favourite green is China Glaze Atlantis. It's sooo sparkly and pretty.

  2. Ful zgleda fajn čez Catrice Hugo moss <3 Dobr da nimajo pojma, ostane več za nas (če se slučajno kje pojavijo holoti) :)


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