Sunday, June 30, 2013

Essence Ticket to paradise hair mascara review and a Goodbye to Google reader and Hello to BLOGLOVIN'

My biggest current obsession are ombre hair with colorful hair dyes. And then one of my favorite cosmetics brand Essence put out a lot of hair dye products. So here is my review of their hair mascaras from the Ticket to paradise LE.

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 So here is my natural hair - it's platinum blond with black streaks on the side

Here it is dyed with Essence Dive with me to the island. The application is easy - it's the same as a big mascara brush and you apply it to the hair. Just not to much on the same streak or it won't dry fast enough and it will leave marks on you. The drying time is from 1 - 3 min. I then brushed it all with my hair brush so the hair wouldn't get stuck together and then went trough it with my hair straightner to seal in the color. The color is a bright almost neon green turquoise color.

And here they are dyed with Essence Rumble in the jungle. It is a kind of lilac purple shade. The application was the same. The colors comes off as soon as you wash your hair. The only problem I had was since it's summer and I sweated a lot while sleeping so the pillows sometimes got some of the colors :) Both of the colors loose some of the intensity with time :) And the black streaks had almost no pigmentation on them when it tired either of the colors. So I don't recomend it to anyone who has very dark hair.

I must say I am very happy with these products and I immediately got more of the mascara hair dyes. And the colors are great for the summer - next stop 2 toned ombre hair :)

So what do you think - do you like my 1st hair product review?


Friday, June 28, 2013

TNCC: Week #4 Neons

This is my last post for this month of neons. For this look I tired to pile on all the pretty neons I have but it turned out too much of a good thing can make something nasty :)

The base is Models own Hedonist, I tried to make stamps with Color club disco dress and over it all I added Kleancolor Chunky holo candy. Then I piled on some rhinestone just for good measure :)

Hope you like it, couz I sure don't :)


Thursday, June 27, 2013

TTPNC: Day #4

Okee here is my last post for this months challenge :) I wanted to make something that shows the difference between the matte red and glittery/holo pink.

Hope you like it :)

Here are my choices in their bottles :)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

TTPC: Day #3

Day 3 of the tri polish challenge - time for some freehand lines and dotts :)

And I am sorry for my damaged hands - my work has been crazy recently and sometimes accidents happen :)


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday stamping: French manicure

French manis are one of those timeless trends I don't like :( I was relay not excited when they announced this theme. So I did something that is French mani adjacent :) The base is China glaze Electrify then I made fire/flame tips with Essence stamp me!black and BM18.

I hope you like it :) I love how it looks like my hands are on fire :)


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sailor moon challenge: Chibi moon

Before I start my Sailor moon challenge post/rant don't forget to follow me on bloglovin since GFC is closing soon. You are one click away from HERE :)

Damn I hated Chibi moon - she was whiny, annoying and looked like a barbie sailor moon knock off. I hated the girl! But she did have the all time best pet - Pegasus that doubled as her BF Helios. Damn she was one lucky girl. And she is all about the pink - damn I hate pink. So I did this look as a combination of Chibi moon and Helios.

I made a look out of all the favorite particles from these two. Her hair clips, a mini moon and her skirt colors. And his chest decorations. As base I used Essence Stamp me!white and Crack me!white to get a special effect :)

Here are Chibi moon and Helios

For the look I used beside the white base polishes - S-he stylezone no. 30, Catrice LE Vanilla love and LE Be indiglow! And some extra rhinestones :)

Hope you like it :)


Friday, June 21, 2013

LoL mani: Aatrox the darkin blade

So this is the newest addition to the League of legends game - I did not had the opportunity to play him yet but he seems very OP. *Now follows a small rant* I am a big fan of bad ass demons and lady Gaga - but this champion takes the cake! His face has heavy 'tranny' make up, his wings that are not very visible on the picture but they look like lady Gaga stage costume wings and his weapon ... Here on the picture it looks all epic and evil but in the game is constantly jiggles and moves - so it kind off reminds you of a hmm *lady's pleasure device*. So I think as epic as the pictures are here sometimes the champions in the game are a bit different and vise versa. But still the dude is epic in the game and I loved the mani that was inspired by him :)

I wanted to make something that looks like a volcano and is still based on colors used in him. I added some studs to make it more thought. Mostly it's a combination of textured and crackle polishes. On the accent finger I added some gray with striping tape that resembles his head gear and armor. I love how it turned out :)

Aatrox the darkin blade

I used as base Zoya Chyna and Godiva. The crackles are Essenec crack me!black and Essence LE The winds of change. The silver for armor is OPI In her Majesty's secret service.

'' Die with fear in your heart, or win with blood on your hands''
- Aatrox


Thursday, June 20, 2013

TTPC: Day #2 - Red, Purple, Pink

One of my obsessions are skull *don't ask why couz I don't know* so when I got these little skull cuties I was relay excited to do some nail art with them. I wanted to do something simple but OFC that left big room for errors :)

For the look I used the purple as base and the red and pink as dotts :)
Hope you like it :)

Here are my 3 colors :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

TNCC: Neons week #3 Jerseylicious

The whole neon + animal print + black details trend mostly set by the Jersey shore girls was never to my liking - even thou I am obsessed with all the Jersey reality shows :)
Then I got China glaze Bump & grind which I ordered for the name and the awesome texture effect. So I decided to make a Jersey dedicated nails :) Time to pile on all the stuff I don't like :)

The base is China glaze Bump & grind, over it I added Essence crack me!black. Only on the accent finger I free handed some leopard spots with Constance Corrall Ebony and Barry M Silver foil. Then I free handed the zebra stripes on all the others with the same Barry M.

I kind off like how it turned out :) Something Snookie would wear I bet :)

Before the zebra stripes

Before the zebra stripes
Before the art 
Well I admit sometimes neons are fun. Do you ever buy some polish just for the name?


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

TTPNC: June - Red, Pink and Purple

My rule for this challenge is if I like 2 of 3 colors I will participate. I like red and purple but I can't stand pink. So I choose S-he stylezone no. 155 which is the only pink I can stand since it's a very muted holo. For purple I choose my recent Israeli swap Chic I will break your heart. And as red I used Kleancolor Neon Fuschia which is one of my all time favorite reds.

For this look I used the red as base and made the purple stamp and then stamped everything the same with the holo polish so it gave a special shimmer :) The stamp I used is QA59 the same on all the fingers.

Here are my choices for this month


Monday, June 17, 2013

Sailor moon challenge: Sailor Saturn/Sailor Pluto

These two outer Senshi are my favorite - but this mani is my least favorite so far ... story of my life :)
So there is not much to say :)

I did the things I like the best about them - their jewelry and their weapons - yeah I like chicks with weapons :) So my pinkie and index have Sailor Plutos earrings and key weapon. The inside nails have Sailor Saturns spiked brooch and weapon.

For the look I used:
Catrice - Vino tinto, Dance in goin, Hugo moss
Essence - Stamp me!white, Do you speak love?
Color club - Worth the risque, LA Girl - Animate
for the stamp I used LO01

Here are the lovely ladies - Saturn in the fornt, Pluto in the back *random fan art on google*

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Nail mail

Recently I was so blessed with all the fabulous ladies in my life. I live in Europe where we get a lot of USA nail polish brands but the prices are crazy. But brands like Essence, Catrice and Depend are really cheap here so these are the polishes I send in the world and this is what I got in return :)

Thank you again lovely ladies *I LOVE YOU ALL* :)

My Australian swaps from the lovely ladies at Cats-n-nails and NailgunXS

Here are the pretties from my Israel swap - I had to show you this awesome bottle with Hebrew letters, they make this polishes even cooler and more special to me :) They were send to me from the nice lady at Just for fun :)

And here are my USA swaps :)

This is my uber mega swap with the majestic Katee at A girl and her polish :)

Thank you all :*


Friday, June 14, 2013

Haul post

I haven't done this post in a while. Haul posts are one of my favorite posts on other blogs - but in real life I can't relay afford much so I have a rule: buy only Limited edition polishes in local stores and get everything else in swaps :) So this is my haul post that I have been gathering over 3 months. Today I am posting my actual purchases and soon I will make a nail mail post ... I am relay lucky to have so many fabulous ladies in my swapping life that I don't need to buy myself much :) I LOVE YOU DOLLS :)

So here are my Limited edition polishes I got:
Catrice:  (Hip trip) Nude and rude
              (Matchpoint) Rockby
              (Glamazona) Jungle treasure, Dirty Liana *damn I love the name*
And I struck gold and found Essence LE Gothic girl *the perfect dark holo with the perfect name* :)

 Here are some of my eBay buys (all Asian brands)
Innisfree - White Christmas
Modi - Sparkling mix (all shards yay)
Modi - Surprise party (all square glitter yay)
Modi - First snow (all white matte shards yay)

Here are some random purchases and gifts from friends:
Yes love
Color club - Worth the risque
Avon - Mambo melon
LA Girl - (scented) Sparkling peach

Here is a close up of the Yes love Polish - how awesome is the bottle? :)

I ordered the pack of brushes from the Born pretty store
 And here are my Essence LE hair dyes - two are hair mascaras and one is a hair powder so get ready for some hair pictures in the future *is it weird that I am more excited about these then the polishes*

And more non polish stuff - I just can't resist a good menthol gloss from Essence Ticket to paradise, a compact mirror from Essence Girls on tour and a *my favorite color* cute square baggy from Catrice Matchpoint

So what do you like better in this haul? Polish or all the other stuff?


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