Thursday, May 16, 2013

TNCC: Week #2 vs. LoL Jayce the Defender of Tomorrow

Some ladies like policemen, some like firemen, some like army men I LOVE men in business suits and tuxedos! So suck it sweat pants industry :)

So when the Debonair Jayce skin came out on V-day I was in love. Jayce on his own is a sexy character - I mean c'mon a snappy dressed millionair with a big hammer what is not to love? And I love playing him couz he's so damn versatile - long range and up close meele :)

So I hope this won't be considered cheating from the group since only 1 finger is stamped but I rly don't have any gentleman like stamps :)

Debonair Jayce <3 note the sexy hair and car he is leaning on <3
So I wanted to make a look inspired by this sexy man and here is what I did ...

Index and ring fingers are supposed to be his hair <3 Somehow it turned out like angel wings :) Base is Essence stamp me! black, the white is free handed with Essence stamp me! white. Then I added some gray streaks with Catrice Captain Sparrows boat.
The middle finger is made with Essence stamp me! white and black as base. I made the buttons with Barry M Gold foil or Catrice Captains Sparrows boat (also used for stripes on the shirt) and Barry M Silver foil.
Pinkie finger has the base Essence stamp me! white and I made an overlapping stamps with BM14 and Essence LE Soak up the sun and Do you speak love?

''Our future will be bright''

*I do believe that handsome :)*


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