Friday, May 24, 2013

SWHDNAC: Reptiles vs. LoL Rammus the Armordillo

I had to first of all google what all falls under reptiles. High school is far away. In the game League of Legends there is an abundance of creatures right for thics challenge I could choose between a crocodile and a turtle. *I don't play any of them much* But I had no time to do this look so I opened my LoL picture vault and here was Rammus art :)

So hi's a turtle with spikes that spins and for me personally is super hard to play. The most interesting thing about his is that he does no say much like all the other champions. But just the other day I met the nicest player in the game and he was playing Rammus so I am dedicating this look to him *you know who you are sweetie* :)

Molten armor Rammus

For the look I made a base gradient to match the lava armor hes having in the game. The gradient is made with Catrice Marilyn & me (red), Copper cabana (orange) and Birdy reloaded! (yellow). Over it all I added some Barry M Burgundy croc *how fitting is this for this challenge and the fact Rammus is a reptile*. Then I added some hex glitters from Kleancolor Chunky copper. I relay like how this turned out :)

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  1. Oooo that's nice, I love Barry M croc effects, this combo is great!

  2. Your manicure look so fiery! Its great :)

  3. This looks so radical and racy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thank you for all your kind words :)


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