Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sailor moon challenge: Sailor Mercury

Sailor Mercury was never one of my favorites but I did like her because she was the smart one - since Bunny aka. Sailor moon was a bit ditsy at times :)

So here is what I did:
Pinkie - Base is Sinful colors Cinderella and a freehanded Mercury symbol with S-he no.291
Ring - Base is Femme Fatale Hydraxia over it put some random 1€ store nail stickers that look like bubbles
Middle - Base is Essence Cookies & cream over it I made the metal headband with Barry M Gold foil and a bright blue rhinestone
Index - Base is Sinful colors Cinderella, over it I *tried* to freehand draw the harp the uses with S-he no.291 and added an extra rhinestone

I like how it turned out somehow I managed to incorporate all her attacks and symbols :)

Here is a clip so you can see her in action :)



  1. Beautiful :) and love the Sinful colors blue ;)

    1. Thank you :) Just got it from a swap :)

  2. I loved Sailor Moon growing up :) Great inspired manicure of Mercury too!


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