Thursday, May 16, 2013

7 deadly sins challenge: Sloth

''(Only if you want) Create a manicure inspired by your laziness ... or whatever ... I'm so tierd''

That was the instruction for this look. I had it all planned out - make a mani inspired by Sloth from the Full metal alchemist Brotherhood anime. There all the evil guys were actually manifestations of 7 deadly sins. And then sloth took over...
As base I used Catrice LE Nude & rude ... Then I fell asleep *SLOTH FTW* and the nails weren't totaly dried so now they looked like there are scars all over the base. Which is kindoff fitting becouse sloth in the show got his ass kicked before he died :) So I rolled with it :)

I made his eyes on my index and ring finger with Essence stamp me! black and white. The red details I made with Catrice LE Madame Butterfly - the same as the red homunculus details on my pinkie. My ring finger are the evil shadows that always around the homunculus in the story. The base is Essence stamp me! Black then I made the eyes and mouth with Essence stamp me! White. I lined them all with Essence LE I love my jeans. The eyes are made with Models own Hedonist.

I hope you like it :) or not I don't care I'm to tierd :)

Here si Sloth in the show - falling asleep during battle *raise your hand if you can relate* :)


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  1. OMG OMG OMG FULL METAL ALCHEMIST!!!! I'm a great fan of this tv show ahhahaha love it love it

  2. What a cool manicure! Awesome idea too :)

  3. Hi, I just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Best Blog Award :)

    oh and Full Metal Alchemist rocks!!!

  4. Oh I like this A LOT!! Looks amazing! I also love the first sentence of your post: ''(Only if you want) Create a manicure inspired by your laziness ... or whatever ... I'm so tierd'' HAHAHA GREAT!
    Maybe I should do the Homunculli as well.. ^.^
    I've also heard that D.grey man is a really good anime. Hmm.. didn't they finished it? I really hate it when they stop the anime, just like Ranma. =( But that's for the recommendation!

    1. It's finished - ish but the manga still goes on - so it's no technically finished :) Damn I need to make a D.Gray man nails :)


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