Tuesday, May 7, 2013

7 deadly sins challenge: Gluttony

I am currently a glutton for challenges - I am wrapped up in many I will have to double post to keep up :)
But when it comes to food what makes my tummy growl is sushi - so here are some sushi nails <3

As base white I used Essence Stamp me! White and as the black base I used Essence Stamp me! Black. To make the little pearly ribbons that hold them together I fished out some glitter from my Innisfree White Christmas. On my index finger I freehand draw some chopsticks. The wood is made with Essence LE Desert fox and Essence Boho chic. I added some red hex glitter to give it something special. The salmon and crab middle is made with Catrice Meet me at coral island and Rosy one more time. To make the dots I used S-he no.155. Over it all I added some Catrice LE Sugar shock 'fish eggs' beads :)

Hope you like it :) They are kind off yummy :)

*Try to ignore the one pointy finger I had a minor nail break incident*



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