Tuesday, April 2, 2013

NOTD: Easter

My actual Easter mani was quite simple. I wanted to make something that would inspire me when it would be time to paint the eggs. And at the end my nails were a lot lamer than my pretty 'pirhi'.

I used Essence Stamp me! White as the base for Golden Rose Jolly jewels no. 115 *gotta love this GC Trap-eze dupe*. On the other nails I used Barry M textures Ridley road as base. Over them I put Depend Crackled effect no. 5011. And the crackle is unbelievable! The nails still keep some of the texture but also the cracks that are created are very delicate and small (maybe a little like croc effect). I think textures are the best base for crackle looks I am just in love with the 'new' effect :)

Check out these textured crackles <3

My pretty egg artworks - and yeah they are metallic colored with filver flakes <3


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