Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Meet the dream team *picture heavy*

April is not only Autism awareness month but also Animal cruelty awareness  month. A theme that is even closer to my heart. I am not one of those people who post their pets pictures but for this I will make and exception *get ready fro cutness* <3

So meet the dream team - Barona (means Baroness) and Sultan. All my doggies are small but have royal names. They are my little mongrel lovelies - I always believe doggies need company so my always have pairs. They are my big loves and my current healing support system. A few months back - the dream team was a trio completed by THE LOVE OF MY LIFE - BOBI. I had that doggy for 14 years but on the day of my b-day he died. I don't want to post his pictures because it still hurts - but these two little cuties help mend my heart.

So with all the love I feel for them I made two manis inspired by them - I used similar colors and stamps in both looks and the colors I used should be similar to their fur colors. And the awareness color is orange *damn I hate that color* so I did something orange adjacent.

But 1st let's meet the dream team. And BTW none of these pictures were staged - this is how I find then when I turn my back to do my nails :)

My little Cerberus combination :)

Barona wearing Sultan as a wig :)

One of these things is not like the others :)

Doggy spooning *cuteness*

Firts we have the Barona

The base is Catrice Havana drum and Essence Zulu on accent finger. The stamps are made with Essence In love and Catrice Copper cabana. The stamps are from m73 so it would look like hair/fur. And because she is a Baroness I added a tiny crown with Barry M Gold foil and BM08 and a pretty rhinestone :)

Second mani is the Sultan :)

The base is China glaze Kalahari kiss and Catrice Steel my heart on the accent finger. Then I used the same stamp m73 for the hair/fur look. For stamping I used Essence stamp me black, Catrice makes me smile and copper cabana. I also added a crown with BM08 and Barry M Gold foil and a rhinestone.

Love your pets :)



  1. Super post. Tvoja ekipa je prekrasna. :)

  2. Thank you all for the lovely feedback :)

  3. I love your manis and your inspiration is too sweet! Barona and Sultan are too cute together. Love all those pics!! :)

  4. Fabulous and funky! I love the mix of golds and coppers.


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