Thursday, April 18, 2013

LoL mani: Phoenix Quinn - Demacia's wings

Every1 who actually played with me knows I am not a fan of actual PvP games. Let's face it video games are a boys world and damn they are bitchy. It's unbelievable how many mean things they can say to you in a span of 30 min *average game duration*.
But I do like Dominion in LoL! It's fast and not enough time to be very mean to each other. And Quinn is the best for that gaming style because of her ability to see thought the fog of war. At the same time I am a sucker to lady champions and human/animal tag teams. So she is a dream champion to me <3 much love <3

I wanted to make a look that will resemble feathers and will contain the same colors that are used in both Quinn and her falcon Valor. I think I made a pretty good match.
The base is Catrice Purple regin. Then I made decals with Catrice LE Madame Butterfly, Robert's red ford and LE Soulful. And then I randomly stacked them on each other. After it all I added two coats of Essence Gel-look top coat to even everything out.

Hope you like it :)

Phoenix Quinn

''Sometimes I swear that bird is just showing off.''


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