Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sailor moon challenge

OMG I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS SO LONG!!! Sailor moon is one of my favorite childhood shows! I have a Sailor moon tattoo and I leaned German so I could watch it on the German channels - mind you I was very young when this was still on TV. I can't describe how much happiness and great memories this holds for me.

The challenge was organised by a group of Spanish bloggers and I am so happy and excited.
The 1st thing on the list is OFC Sailor moon the main character. I wanted to make a mani that has all my favorite things about her outfits.

As base on two I used Jade  Mystic gold for the hair and added some rhinestones for the feathery thingies she had in her hair. On my pinkie I used Ulta3 Blue marlin and fished out a star and a moon out of my Bichuns to make it look like her earrings. On the middle finger I used Essence Cookies and cream as base. Over it made the gold headpiece they all wear with Barry M Gold foil and added a red rhinestone.

I am in love with this look it has all I love - gold holos, neon dark blue color and plenty of rhinestones.

Hope you like it :)

Here what you can expect in the next few weeks :)
Here is the German opening I was waking ever day to when I was a kid <3

Does Sailor moon also brings back childhood memories?


Guest post by Brijits digits

Hello everybody! Gin was kind enough to offer me a guest spot on her blog, the first guest post I've done, in fact! So, unlike a fat guy on the subway that's practically sitting on your lap, I'd like to introduce myself first :) I blog over at brijitsdigits.net , if you like what you see! I run the occasional giveaway, I post far too many outdated swatches and I love hosting guest posts, so it's a good place to check out other nail blogs, if that's your thing. To thank Gin for her wicked guest post on my blog, I wanted to come up with something really special ! One of my many bad habits is ordering polish on Etsy. I had seen a bit of heat-activated colour-changing polish around, but I was overjoyed to see this offering from Pretty & Polished ! I love blue and purple polish so much, and this is a two-in-one combo DolliPop applies as a beautiful purple crelly with blue shimmer. And when it heats up (like when you're drinking a nice hot cup of tea), it goes bright blue ! GinS1 I just love the automatic gradient look of colour changing polish on long nails, but I was a bit worried to start with, I don't have the best circulation in the world, and I didn't know how sensitive the polish would be. But I was pleasantly surprised, because it works just right on my nails! It was slightly matte without a top coat, these photos are with a thin top coat. GinS2 The notice in Pretty & Polished's shop said that this type of pigment can make the polish a bit thick. Well, I really hate thick polish. But frankly, I thought that this one was the perfect texture. I went for 3 coats for opacity. Only, it was more creme as purple (the cold-activated colour) and more transparent as it heats up to blue. However, I didn't want to stop there, Gin deserves a better post than just a swatch! So I grabbed my trusty sidekicks : a striping brush; dotting tool and Barry M's Grey Nail Paint and went to town ! Simple, but effective, and Gin was kind enough to say she likes it too ! GinS5 GinS4 GinS3 Thanks for reading, I hope to see you over at brijitsdigits.net sometime soon !

She who does nail art challenges: Holidays/Vacation

This is a new group I entered on FB - She who does nail art challenges. And I love the group because I know I am not a blogger who does swatches because I am just no good at swatching. But nail art that is something I am getting good at.

So this weeks theme is Holidays/Vacation. I wanted to make something that would remind me of Greece. The last time I was there was on my senior trip in high school. There was so much partying and drinking I for the life of me can't remember the name of the island we were on. But it was the best time ever :)

So my Grecian nails are made with Orly Star of Bombay as base (one coat) over it I used Kleancolor City never sleeps. Together they seem like great party nails. The I found this great stamping plate from Essence that has this Grecian pattern and I used Barry M Silver foil to make it.

Hope you like it :)

With stamps
No stamps 

Greek nails 

Party nails 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday stamping: Favorite shoes

Well if the world ever converts to a shoe currency based economy I am set. Meaning I had a lot of inspiration to choose from. But then the Essence new LE came out that is based on shoes. And I got the prefect purple from that TE named The Stiletto and some shoe shaped stickers. So how perfect was that?

So I did this mani inspired by one of my favorite 'goin out to party' stilettos <3 They are the most prefect purple color and have the cheetah soles <3

As the base I OFC used Essence LE The Stiletto *damn I love the subtle blue shimmer*, on the accent finger the base is Ruby Kisses Chapmagned out. Then I stamped the cheetah print with Essence stamp me! black and QA8. Then I filled the spots with a dotting tool and Catrice Oh my goldness! On the others I stamped the bows with Essence stamp me! black and an Essence stamping plate. On my pinkie I added a cute stiletto sticker from the Essence LE and a pretty rhinestone :)

Hope you like it :)

Can you see the polish name? How fitting it this <3

Here is my inspiration

Do your nails ever match your shoes?


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Deadly sins challenge: Lust

I am a huge fan of this topic. So this challenge is something up my alley. The challenge is created so we could post one sin in two weeks by the lovely girls from Will paint nails for food and Nail wish. Thank you girls!!! But I am so wrapped up in other challenges I will only post one mani for one sin.

AHH Lust I know it's not a common lady sin but damn I do suffer from it ;)
But for this challenge is says: ''Be a bad girl and make something you have wanted to do soo badly.' 

And that is to master the Essence stamps - they are notoriously hard to get stamps of them, it requires a lot of practice to get this to work.

So I made a sexy base with Kleancolor Neon Fuschia over it I put OPI Spotted black. I love how it looks like some ripped black lace fabric. Over it I stamped with Essence stamps *they have no names* and Essence stamp me! White. The heartbeat stamp seemed appropriate. Then I bedazzled the hell out of this mani just for fun. I used 2 coats of Essence gel-look top coat.

Hope you like it :)
I am in lust with this look <3

Damn these are some sexy nails if I may say so <3
This is what you guys can expect from this challenge in the couple of weeks :)

So do you ever get lustful cravings when you see a sexy mani?


Friday, April 26, 2013

TNCC: Pastels week #4

Yay week 4 meaning this pastel challenge is over *does a little dance* I was relay impressed how the pixie dust Zoyas react with Depend crackles. At the same time I am a sucker for old school stuff.

So for the last look I used Zoya London as base, two coats. Over it I used Depend crackled effect no. 5006 in different shapes. I simply love the amplified effect that is created when you combine cracklers and textured polishes :)

And I am so excited for the next months theme - it's stamping! And I have been working relay hard to master that skill! I even learned to use the Essence stamping plates *which are legendary problematic to work with* :)

Hope you like it :)

Any other girls out there who think that holos are the new sping colors and not pastels? :)


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Holo swatches from EU part 2

So here is the other part of Perfect holo swatches. Yesterday I posted the more bright colors - pinks and bronzes. Today I will show you the blues, purples and silvers.

They are the same dimensions as Maxfactor minis and cost 1,05€. All of these pretties are one coaters and can be used as stamping polishes. I had no problems with application meaning, there was no water base required and no bald spots appearing. Their only bad side is that they require quite a bit of shaking to be usable. The rainbow power is the level of Layla polishes <3

And *HERE* is the 1st part of my Perfect swatches :)

So today here we have:
H2 - The classic silver holo
H4 -  Is a bright blue holo (this will be part of my holo giveaway)
H7 - A dark purple - blueish holo (the darkest of the bunch)
H1 - Is a bright purple holo - a bit like the lavender one from yesterday :)

Keep the holo rainbow going these sunny days :)


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Holo swatches from EU part 1

So the polish world is currently flooded with holos - Color clubs, Jade, China glaze, Dance legend - but most of them are crazy expensive for us EU girls. But here we have the Perfect polishes *yes that is their name and damn it's right* they are 1,05€ and the size of a Maxfactor minis. Today and tomorrow I will show you all their colors.

So these are all one coaters and the holo effect is the strength of a Layla - yeah you heard right and a fraction the the cost. And no need for a base aqua coat :) They are strong enough to use them as stamping polishes. I can't stop gushing over them :) I managed to make these swatches when my nails still looked like awesome twisted little things and when it was winter - so this is under artificial light. I don't dare wear them under the sun now couz I know I wont get anything done and will just stare at them all day long :)

 And the best part is two of them will be part of my giveaway when I reach 200 GFC followers or 300 FB likes :)

So the colors today are:
H5 - light lavendeer
H8 - light magenta (part of the giveaway)
H3 - coral mixed with orange
H6 - orange mixed with light bronze

Their only flaw is that they require a lot of shaking before use and stupid names. But that is a small price to pay for cheap *and strangely perfect* nail rainbows.

Here are the bottle shots

So do you own any holos that make you all excited in the summer?


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Meet the dream team *picture heavy*

April is not only Autism awareness month but also Animal cruelty awareness  month. A theme that is even closer to my heart. I am not one of those people who post their pets pictures but for this I will make and exception *get ready fro cutness* <3

So meet the dream team - Barona (means Baroness) and Sultan. All my doggies are small but have royal names. They are my little mongrel lovelies - I always believe doggies need company so my always have pairs. They are my big loves and my current healing support system. A few months back - the dream team was a trio completed by THE LOVE OF MY LIFE - BOBI. I had that doggy for 14 years but on the day of my b-day he died. I don't want to post his pictures because it still hurts - but these two little cuties help mend my heart.

So with all the love I feel for them I made two manis inspired by them - I used similar colors and stamps in both looks and the colors I used should be similar to their fur colors. And the awareness color is orange *damn I hate that color* so I did something orange adjacent.

But 1st let's meet the dream team. And BTW none of these pictures were staged - this is how I find then when I turn my back to do my nails :)

My little Cerberus combination :)

Barona wearing Sultan as a wig :)

One of these things is not like the others :)

Doggy spooning *cuteness*

Firts we have the Barona

The base is Catrice Havana drum and Essence Zulu on accent finger. The stamps are made with Essence In love and Catrice Copper cabana. The stamps are from m73 so it would look like hair/fur. And because she is a Baroness I added a tiny crown with Barry M Gold foil and BM08 and a pretty rhinestone :)

Second mani is the Sultan :)

The base is China glaze Kalahari kiss and Catrice Steel my heart on the accent finger. Then I used the same stamp m73 for the hair/fur look. For stamping I used Essence stamp me black, Catrice makes me smile and copper cabana. I also added a crown with BM08 and Barry M Gold foil and a rhinestone.

Love your pets :)


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday stamping: Earth day

Earth is also know as the blue planet and I think there will be plenty green manis in this challenge. So I went blue! Somehow it reminds me of sea weed and pearls some of the prettiest treasures of the sea.

The base are two coats of Golden rose Jolly jewels no.111. Over it I stamped with BM20 and Konad Royal purple. Over it I added a lot of Essence Gel-look top coat because of the jelly base was very uneven. And for the pearls I added some white matte rhinestones and some matte dark blue ones so I looks a bit more like bubbles.

I relay like how it turned out. Happy b-day *i guess* Earth :)

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