Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday stamping: Spring flowers with frogs

Not a fan of flowers but I had some new plates and nail art to try out so I gave this challenge a go. The other day I got the new Catrice I'm not a greenager. 1st of all I was not a fan of greens at all but with this color and Hugo moss Catrice made a fan of green out of me. *hint of swatches incoming*

So I used Catrice I'm not a greenager as base. I used 2 coats. It's that kind of bright green that you think of when you think of spring grass or a basic green colored pencil. No shimmers just a pure creme perfection. (Only the brush is a bit tricky but so worth it).
Then I added the new Catrice glitter I'm Dynamite. Damn Catrice every glitter you put out *mind you there are only a hand full* is prefect. This one is a silver glitter - but sometimes it seems a bit more blue-gray color. In there are two sized hex glitters. Here I used 2 coats and a bit of fishing was required to get the bigger ones out. The formula is a bit watery and has the same problematic brush. The big hex glitters have a bit of the taco effect. But I love it - nothing a good top coat can't fix not as bad as the current OPI When monkeys fly.

Them to together look to me like a wet frog. I love the look as it was and it held on for 3 days *no chipping* then I added some white flowers stamps with Essence Stamp me! White, the stamp I used is m73 from born pretty store. And I added some dried flowers and butterflies that I got as a gift a while back.

Considering it started to snow here again this is a perfect pick me up mani for sping :)
Hope you like it :)

No stamps - to me it looks like a frog with some rain drops on it <3

Are you as tierd of winter as I am?



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