Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sunday stamping: Plate ending in 6

Ok I am relay late but I have been having a few 12hour work days in a row and I didn't have any time to post this. And I am a bit ashamed but I am such a stamping n00b that I don't own a plate ending with 6 so I used a plate ending with 9 that has to be close enough :)

As a base I used Vollare city no.01 and Catrice Shopping in Bluemingdales. Then I created my own decals which BTW is my new all time favorite technique. For the base I used S-he no.110 or Ruby kisses Snow white. Then on them I stamped with S-he no.247 with BM19. Then I cut the decals with a zig-zag scissors and pasted them on. Finally a way to stamp for me, to have the least of problems. And I know I could not make this bright colored stamps in any other way. And a tip for this look: to make a decal with stamps the best way is that you use a clear base or something with bright glitter so the base can be seen thought it and the stamp is seen at the same time <3

Hope you like it :)

Have you tried the decal technique?


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