Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sarajevo haul

Hello dolls!

I am back from my trip from Bosnia. I had a great time even thou the main reason for the trip was skiing - but for me was shopping at half the price on everything and spending some quality time with my BF. Tomorrow I will upload some pictures I took there but for today I will spam you with some haul pictures and 1st swatches.

 Here is a picture of the entire polish haul I got in random stores in Sarajevo, but a lot of them are gifts for my  polish fan friends :)

And this is what I kept:

No name Tevez Neon polishes - the search is over I found the perfect red neon polish,  two Flomar holo glitters

Golden rose 5 pieces of Jolly jewels collection 
So here are the swatches to the Golden rose Jolly jewels polishes. They where 2€ a piece witch makes them a steal since  a lot of them look like either indie glitter polishes or some CG dupes and I can't find them anywhere where I am from. I am in love :) They don't relay have names just numbers so I will use those and they are all 1 coaters with the same base polish as the jelly they are in.

No. 111 A light blue jelly with micro silver glitter and bigger golden glitters.

No. 115 White jelly with multi colored glitter think CG Trap-ease my favorite

No. 106 A mix of green, yellow, purple and turquoise micro glitters - think Mardi gras colors

No. 105 A light purple jelly with Dark purple micro glitter and bigger green glitters

No. 109 A light pink jelly with matte red and white glitter - reminds me of candy cane 

And here are some non polish related hauls from my trip - a spiked sneaker wedges I got for a steal *drools*

And my new favorite accessory ... a gold LV watch I got from my BF as a delayed V-day gift. I love just how huge, loud and gaudy it is - just like me :)

Did you like anything in the haul?


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