Monday, March 4, 2013

Once upon a time: Recap

Dear polished dolls I need your help!

I relay enjoyed this challenge - a great show a great nail challenge. So I will make a recap post. But 1st of all I ask you if you if you guys could vote for me because part of this challenge is a giveaway to the winner of it. So please visit the lovely author of this challenge HERE and vote for me under no.01 in the right corner. You guys can also stay and have a look the girl is quite talented with nail art and some lovely EU polish swatches :)

Here is the recap:

Day 1 - Storybrooke/Enchanted forest

Day 2 - Favorite villain: Regina

Day 3 - Favorite female character: Mulan

Day 4 - Favorite male character: Rumpelstiltskin

Day 5 - True love's kiss

Day 6 - Magic comes with a price (my contest entry BTW)

Day 7 - Mirror mirror on the wall

Day 8 - The princess: Belle

Day 9 - Favorite episode: The queen of hearts

Which one is your favorite?
Don't forget to vote HERE  :)



  1. Res si se potrudila za ta izziv, vse so odlične. :)

  2. The queen of hearts mi je najboljša <3


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