Thursday, March 14, 2013

NOTD: Love will tear us apart

I am not a big fan of inide polishes only because they are expensive for someone who lives in EU since most of them are USA based. But from time to time I find something that I just must have. So I ordered something from Black cat lacquer - HERE is a link to her etsy page if any of you guys are interested. Just a hint she has an entire line of polishes based on Dexter characters :)

So on with the review! For the base I used Essence LE Have you seen my unicorn? Then over it I added 2 coats of Love will tear us apart. For the hearts some fishing was required. I was falling in love with the Etudehouse DJ Show the other day as you can see HERE because it had dotted black micro glitter. And this polish does as well. The jelly base is clear and full of these two sized dot black matte glitters. And mixed in are different sized red shards. The black hearts took some fishing but they are so pretty because you don't see much of black hearts around :) Over it all I added 1 coat of top coat from Essence. This polish is a dream, the formula is a bit watery but it applies easily, the brush is flat and easy to work with. Prefect for some broken heart mani for next V-day :)
I still have Frozen to swatch and I just can't wait :)
And please forgive me for my nasty looking hands but I have been working a lot recently and there was no time for beauty regiment :)

Here is a macro shot of the bottle - pure love <3 <3 <3
Will you order anything from Black cat laquer?


  1. Hey there! I really like your blog so I nominated you for Liebster award :)

    I love your manicures, always something special :)

  2. A dej no, zdej ga pa jst tud rabm :/ Škodi da nisi povedala, k si naročala. Poštnino majo pa retardirano, 9.5 dolarja za k nam.


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