Sunday, March 31, 2013

LoL mani ZAC vs. miss Hysteria

So today's mani is a 'one stone, two birds situation'. So bear with me here :)

My dear friend miss Hysteria has a awesome nail blog as well - if you don't follow her start now HERE! And today is her b-day! So I wanted to make something that would make her proud and she would wear. And one of her things are neons  *which I hate BTW* so I went with neon's.

The other thing is ZAC the new LoL champion that was just released in the game (haven't played him yet but I am already in love). He is a green blob that was made in the laboratory - which I can totally see miss Hysteria do at some point *trust me she is a amateur mad scientist at heart*. I was going for the cartoony and jello like look :)

For the look I used China glaze In the lime light (neon) as base, then I made the edges with Catrice Hugo moss. In the middle of each nail I did a stroke with Catrice I'm not a greenager to give it some jello like depth and added some shiny parts with Essence Upper green side.

Miss Hysteria I hope you like it :)

ZAC the secret weapon *miss Hysteria on a bad hair day *joke**

Happy B-day miss Hysteria!

''Go big or go home!''



  1. Iiiiii blogpost zame, hvala :* Mani zgleda super, 3d zombie smrkelj, loves it :) And bitch plx, i don't have bad hair days ;)

  2. wow, da sam na ininom mjestu bila bih zbilja oduševljena, krasna gesta i fantastična manikura :D


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