Monday, March 4, 2013

LISC: Winter blues in Sarajevo

So I am still putting my life back in order from my trip to Sarajevo. And I realise I made a similar look a while back HERE but this Color club topper is just so awesome I sometimes can't contain myself not to wear it all the time :) I have been wearing it while I was away on my trip since I had a bit of the blues in the beginning.
But I will add some pictures from my trip so you can see my blues were all gone combined with my massive haul and some BF love that was thrown in my way. I was fine soon enough.

For this look I used Barry M Indigo as base and Color club Diamond drops. I simply love the look - it was durable and reminded me of the icicles challenge.

And here are some highlights from my trip . . .

This is how real coffee is served (the one that is so strong it puts hair on your chest) - no filters, only water and ground coffee, some sugar cubes couz this is relay bitter and some cigarettes or in our case the bar we went to shisha. Here it is served in traditional bronze set since this city is known for it's metal work.

A pomegranate from the local market. I just had to take a picture of it since it was so nicely displayed.

The most known historical landmark in Sarajevo. You can see we had some crappy weather. And on that particular day there were a lot of wild dog packs wondering around and I found it a fitting part of the city - not in a bad way :)

My actual residence was in the ski village Jahorina and the snow situation was crazy. Here is a picture of my neighbours house :)


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  1. Ti bi mi mogla prnest granatna jabolka namest lakov :) Pa kok snega <3


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