Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Current obsession: Fake nails

Current obsession of mine right now is trolling the 'internets' for ideas and I rly like the fake nails trends. I can't have any currently but I can fake my fake nails look.
So my favorite trends are spiked nails that are covered in different shape rhinestones. The only trend I don't like is the nude nails and polish nails combo but I faked that part too :) The most common used colors are pinks, blacks and whites but I wanted to go to another direction that why I used some dark colors.

So for this look I used Catrice Forget-me-not as the purple base. Then I made the halves with Barry M Black multi glitter and made the dots with Essence LE Silver twister and the silver lines besides the black ones on the accent finger, the black ones were made with Essence Mysterious black. Then I used all of my rhinestone army I own and blurred the lines on the bottom or the middle of the nails.

I am simply obsessed with this look and can't get enough of it :)
Hope you like it :)

Warning: These are all my own nails ;)

My little rhinestone army <3 


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