Sunday, March 31, 2013

LoL mani ZAC vs. miss Hysteria

So today's mani is a 'one stone, two birds situation'. So bear with me here :)

My dear friend miss Hysteria has a awesome nail blog as well - if you don't follow her start now HERE! And today is her b-day! So I wanted to make something that would make her proud and she would wear. And one of her things are neons  *which I hate BTW* so I went with neon's.

The other thing is ZAC the new LoL champion that was just released in the game (haven't played him yet but I am already in love). He is a green blob that was made in the laboratory - which I can totally see miss Hysteria do at some point *trust me she is a amateur mad scientist at heart*. I was going for the cartoony and jello like look :)

For the look I used China glaze In the lime light (neon) as base, then I made the edges with Catrice Hugo moss. In the middle of each nail I did a stroke with Catrice I'm not a greenager to give it some jello like depth and added some shiny parts with Essence Upper green side.

Miss Hysteria I hope you like it :)

ZAC the secret weapon *miss Hysteria on a bad hair day *joke**

Happy B-day miss Hysteria!

''Go big or go home!''


Thursday, March 28, 2013

TTPC: Day 4

Finally over! I must say I liked the challenge but I am quite done with the three polishes I choose. For this look I just did a bunch of gradients and saran wrap manis. I must say this is my least favorite look of the bunch :(

I am skipping April because I don't like the color selection - but I will be back on May :)
Hope you like this look :)


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

TTPC: Day 3

I am relay tired today so this will be a quickie post. I made this look with decals and ziz zag scissors. Then I just stacked them over each other and added some Essence matte top coat.
As part of the challenge the colors I am using are still the same:
Coral - Essence off to Miami!
Purple - Essence Prom berry
Green - Catrice LE Innocent toxin


Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday mani: Frozen moss

Couz I am not a fan of jelly polishes I don't layer much. Why I don't like them? Because if I get a polish why on earth would I want to make 5 layers of it to reach opacity?

For me creative layering is glitter and base that actually go great together - not some random combo that you put on just so the polish base will stay on longer. *Guilty of this a lot BTW* :)

So for this look I used Catrice Hugo moss as base. The brush is horrible but the color is so perfect you forget all about it. It needed 3 coats so I could get the relay dark green/almost black effect but two coats where plenty for opacity. Then I added Frozen from Black cat lacquer. It's a pretty collection of different sized shards that come in purple, silver and teal suspended in a clear base. It needed 2 coats of a top coat because sometimes these shards stand out and poke you without it.

Hope you like it :)

With flash

No flash

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday stamping: Spring flowers with frogs

Not a fan of flowers but I had some new plates and nail art to try out so I gave this challenge a go. The other day I got the new Catrice I'm not a greenager. 1st of all I was not a fan of greens at all but with this color and Hugo moss Catrice made a fan of green out of me. *hint of swatches incoming*

So I used Catrice I'm not a greenager as base. I used 2 coats. It's that kind of bright green that you think of when you think of spring grass or a basic green colored pencil. No shimmers just a pure creme perfection. (Only the brush is a bit tricky but so worth it).
Then I added the new Catrice glitter I'm Dynamite. Damn Catrice every glitter you put out *mind you there are only a hand full* is prefect. This one is a silver glitter - but sometimes it seems a bit more blue-gray color. In there are two sized hex glitters. Here I used 2 coats and a bit of fishing was required to get the bigger ones out. The formula is a bit watery and has the same problematic brush. The big hex glitters have a bit of the taco effect. But I love it - nothing a good top coat can't fix not as bad as the current OPI When monkeys fly.

Them to together look to me like a wet frog. I love the look as it was and it held on for 3 days *no chipping* then I added some white flowers stamps with Essence Stamp me! White, the stamp I used is m73 from born pretty store. And I added some dried flowers and butterflies that I got as a gift a while back.

Considering it started to snow here again this is a perfect pick me up mani for sping :)
Hope you like it :)

No stamps - to me it looks like a frog with some rain drops on it <3

Are you as tierd of winter as I am?


Thursday, March 21, 2013

TTPC: Day 2

OK Here we go part 2 of the Tri-polish challenge. The colors are the same the look is a bit different.
The base is Essence Off to Miami and the purple dots are made with Essence Prom berry and the green ones are made with Catrice LE Innocent toxin.

Enough said :) On to the pictures!

Hope you like it :)

In <3 with my nail shape :)

Do you like this look better then day 1?


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

100 Followers giveaway winner

Dear dolls thank you so much for all your entries! I can't believe how many of you lovelies decided to take this nail art path with me. And as part of it I asked what you guys would like the next time. There were so many answers and wishes I decided to make a 200 followers giveaway that will consist of holos and some vintage LE from Catrice and Essence. So spread the word <3 <3 <3

Here is the price one more time
The winner was contacted and must respond in 48 hours to claim the price.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Tri-Polish Challenge: Day 1

So I was part of the Crumpets Sat - Art - Day challenge. Now that has stopped and instead of it we have the Tri-polish Challenge. The rules are simple we must make one mani per week with three colors that are pre-determined. For this month those are Coral, Purple and Green. The inspiration is up to us as long as we keep to the colors. A great idea I must say only with this months colors I was a bit worried since I only relay like purple. But now more and more I am growing to like corals and greens :)

My 1st mani is a spun sugar technique. I used the coral and green as base and made the sugar stripes with purple. Hope you like it :)

For this month I will be working with:

Coral - Essence Off to Miami!
Purple - Essence Prom berry
Green - Catrice LE Innocent toxin

Here are the other ladies:

(Submissions close in 360d 0h 33m)

LISC: St. Patrick's day

I know I am a bit late - but better late then never. This is my st. Patrick's day mani. We don't celebrate it where I am from so all the symbols I used I found by trolling the other manis :) I had to do this look for my BF. Hes a big beer fan :) So this is dedicated to you sweetness *Happy B-day* Luws you

This is what I used:
Index finger - Base Catrice LE Planet Tokyo over it Depend no. 2035, then I painted a few of the silver hearts from my no name Bichun with S-he no. 314 and stuck them into a shamrock formation.
Middle finger - Base Essence Upper green side, Hat was made with S-he no. 314, the belt with Catrice Lost in the mud, and the charm with Barry M Gold foil
Ring finger - Base Essence Boho chick, stripes Essence Gorgeous bling bling, dotted white foam with Vollare city no.01 and gray foam with Essence LE The dawn is broken. <3 this nail the most <3
Pinkie finger - Base Catrice LE Planet Tokyo over it Essence Glisten up

Hope you like it :)


Thursday, March 14, 2013

NOTD: Love will tear us apart

I am not a big fan of inide polishes only because they are expensive for someone who lives in EU since most of them are USA based. But from time to time I find something that I just must have. So I ordered something from Black cat lacquer - HERE is a link to her etsy page if any of you guys are interested. Just a hint she has an entire line of polishes based on Dexter characters :)

So on with the review! For the base I used Essence LE Have you seen my unicorn? Then over it I added 2 coats of Love will tear us apart. For the hearts some fishing was required. I was falling in love with the Etudehouse DJ Show the other day as you can see HERE because it had dotted black micro glitter. And this polish does as well. The jelly base is clear and full of these two sized dot black matte glitters. And mixed in are different sized red shards. The black hearts took some fishing but they are so pretty because you don't see much of black hearts around :) Over it all I added 1 coat of top coat from Essence. This polish is a dream, the formula is a bit watery but it applies easily, the brush is flat and easy to work with. Prefect for some broken heart mani for next V-day :)
I still have Frozen to swatch and I just can't wait :)
And please forgive me for my nasty looking hands but I have been working a lot recently and there was no time for beauty regiment :)

Here is a macro shot of the bottle - pure love <3 <3 <3
Will you order anything from Black cat laquer?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sunday stamping: Plate ending in 6

Ok I am relay late but I have been having a few 12hour work days in a row and I didn't have any time to post this. And I am a bit ashamed but I am such a stamping n00b that I don't own a plate ending with 6 so I used a plate ending with 9 that has to be close enough :)

As a base I used Vollare city no.01 and Catrice Shopping in Bluemingdales. Then I created my own decals which BTW is my new all time favorite technique. For the base I used S-he no.110 or Ruby kisses Snow white. Then on them I stamped with S-he no.247 with BM19. Then I cut the decals with a zig-zag scissors and pasted them on. Finally a way to stamp for me, to have the least of problems. And I know I could not make this bright colored stamps in any other way. And a tip for this look: to make a decal with stamps the best way is that you use a clear base or something with bright glitter so the base can be seen thought it and the stamp is seen at the same time <3

Hope you like it :)

Have you tried the decal technique?


Saturday, March 9, 2013

LISC: Longing for summer

OMG there is still snow everywhere I live. I want spring, summer even a warm fall would be ok with me by now. I am beyond done with winter :)

I wanted to make something that reminds me of fire, passion and looks hot on more levels. So I decided to make a glitter stacking mani. As base I used Catrice LE On the bright side of life. Over it it's LA Girls Animate (red glitter), over it LA Girl Flamboyant (bronze glitter) and over it Golden rose no. 151 with it's pretty gold bar glitter. Only on the accent finger I didn't put on the bar glitters but instead added Depend no. 278 which is a mix of red, gold and dirty rose glitters.

I relay love the look somehow reminds me of passion and heat of summer :)
Hope you like it :)

With flash


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