Friday, February 22, 2013

Sunday stamping: I am a nerd and proud to be one vs. LoL Syndra

I am doing this a bit earlier, but I am leaving soon and I still wanted to make this post because the theme is close to my heart.
I am a big nerd/g33k/dork whatever you call it. And damn proud of it. Most of my nerdiness comes from love of video games. I am not very good at them but still they bring me a lot of joy. FFS I started this blog so I could share my nail art that is inspired by the awesome LoL Champions. Currently I am wrapped in so many nail challenges that my LoL work is a bit in the background. But now it's back!

I love Syndra the Dark Sovereign for so many reasons. I love her by proxy because I believe she is Varuses GF, because her voice is simply melodic and angry just the right amount to make her a joy to play. And she is hard to play and I just love to play hard champions and make my life difficult. I love the entire design so get ready for some none - polish related pixxs :)

This post will be quite picture heavy because I love the crazy doll so much :)

I was inspired by her outfit from the Justicar skin. The gold base is Essence LE A piece of forever. To stamp I used BM12 and Catrice Copper cabana. The others have Catrice LE Soulful as base, then I made some stripes with S-he no.215 and added some Catrice LE Gold leaf top coat on the tips.

Hope you like it! I sure did and this was in my vault some time - it's my 1st stamping job :)

Justicar Syndra 

Syndra in game

The design ideas for Syndra I would be happy with all of them :) All look awesome

''More! I can be so much more!'' 


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