Friday, February 8, 2013

OUATC: Favorite female character - Mulan

I loved Mulan since it came out as a Disney cartoon. It was my favorite back then and here in OUAT she is the coolest thing so far :) Somehow I don't understand why doesn't she have more fans - the entire OUAT fandom is in love with Ruby - but I don't get it :) I simply <3 Mulan

I wanted to make a look that seems like her armor - since I have a armor fetish as it is. And thou I hate brown and red colours this simply seems awesome :)

The brown base is Essence LE In love, on the pinkie it's Catrice steel my heart. To make the pinkie leather armor stripes I used S-he no. 215 also for the stripe detail on my ring finger. Then I added the golden glitters from Essence vintage district. The index finger has a stamp made to look like the red armor details with BM12 and Kleancolor Metallic red. And the golden piping with Barry M Gold foil. The red cape finger has Essence do you speak love? as base and S-he no.215 for the folds.

Hope you like it :)

From L to R: Red armor, Cape, Gold armor, Armor with print
Here all the details I used are visible

And since this is the last day before a new episode I must share with you the awesomeness I found about the upcoming parts:
I am somehow more excited about the mermaid part then the half naked man part :)

The giant and Jack the Giant killer/Snow whites mother?
I am relay excited. Hope you guys are too.
But don't forget to check out the other ladies :)



  1. Ariel bodo vkljuńćili v serijo? Zakon!
    Super manikura. :)

    1. Yeah Regina referenced to her in a converstaion with Rumple in the Skin deep episode :)


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