Friday, February 22, 2013

OUAT Challenge: The princess

I am leaving on a trip for the week so today I am posting all my posts that should have been posted during the next week.

1st part of that is completing the OUAT challenge. The princess I choose is Belle. Thou currently she is driving me crazy due to memory loss I relay like her. I am very much like her - love books and stupidly believe that there is always good in people :)

I used Catrice Shanghai as the gold base to represent her princess dress. On the pinkie the base is Catrice Copper cabana with China glaze Tarnished gold and over it all LA Girl Synergy. To make the rose stamps I used BM1 and BeautyUK Burgundy and added some green gems for the leafs. I just had to make a rose reference is not of anything else in memory of poor Gaston. I always cringe when Belle recives the rose and cuts off the stem - seem like cutting off his legs :)  Couz of that idea I added some red glitter from Smart girls no. 119 to make it seem like pretty blood.
The I made the chipped cup that is the symbol of love for Rumple. The fact that it broke in the show makes me think they wont get back together :( I used Vollare city no.01 as base and used Ruby kisses Regaled out blue for the details. I used some Essence Silver twister to make the steam coming out of the cup.

Hope you like it :)

The inspiration

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