Wednesday, February 20, 2013

OUAT Challenge: Mirror mirror on the wall

I love the idea in the show that the Genie is the voice of the mirror. Not only that, the Genie is a awesome character with a GLORIOUS mustache. What is there not to love here? So I decided to make this look metallic for the mirror and added some mustaches to honor the majestic fellow :) BTW do you know where he went? I read on the online blogs that Regina locked him up in the asylum, because you can read his name on the doors inside. I must say I miss him.

On my pinkie I have Catrice Back to black as base and over it Color club Diamond drops. I love how it looks like falling shards of broken glass. On the ring finger the base is China glaze Fast track and I free handed the mustache and beard with Essence Mysterious black. On the middle finger I used Catrice back to black as base then with some striping tape and Essence Silver twister I did this mirror effect. On my index finger I used Essence silver twister as base then with a make up sponge I added some Catrice Back to black for another mirror effect look.

Hope you like it I sure do :)

My inspiration :)

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  1. Zelo dobra ideja. Je pa res tale lik kar naenkrat izginil, ne vem, kaj so storili z njim.


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