Monday, February 11, 2013

OUAT Challenge: Favorite male character

RUMPELSTILTSKIN the bane of my existence/love of my life!!! When I was a kid I had one of those book on tapes about his original story and I listened it all the time. And was freaked out every time - why would an imp steal a baby? ... How would he even carry it away?
Needles to say I was so happy to see him remade on this show - and I must say I love him as both Gold and as Rumple because he does have the most developed personality. And hes just bat shit crazy - my type. Today I saw the new episode and I must say I am a bit worried for him - he loosing it :( Thou I did find my new BIG love the giant Tiny/Anton. So cute!

So I wanted to make the crocodile look because the best part is how they use him as an universal villain in a lot of stories - as crocodile vs. capt. Hook or as Beast vs. Belle. And hes wearing ''crocodile leather'' all the time a no brainer to me - Toppers time!

I used Barry M Gold foil as base and Catrice Steel my soul as base on the accent finger because this shade reminds me so much of his skin. The I used  Burgundy Barry M croc effect and made a franch tip with Black Barry M croc effect. On the accent finger I used OPI Spotted black couz it needed something extra. It is one of my favorite work so far :)

In case you don't knoew who was my twisted inspiration <3

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  1. I want croc effect! Your nails are soooo cool!

  2. This looks great! The black/burgundy crock french is amazing! I really like this!


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