Saturday, February 2, 2013

Once upon a time challege: Day 1 - Storybrook/Enchanted forest

I am a huge fan of Once upon a time. The entire genre that has developed over the years that is story themed is something I love. So the doll in charge Taya from My little beauty world created this challenge *after me saying it was a great idea! Can you believe someone is listened to me?* :) And she added some giveaways with it.

This is the things you will see:

So this is my day 1 entry - Storybrook/Enchanted forest. I wanted to make a look that would be similar to the picture in the back of the opening - the trees and fog.
I used Constance Carroll Ebony a base then I added Catrice blue my mind, Pool party at night with a make up sponge. I made the trees with Essence Mysterious black and over it added Essence Fall for me to make the fog. The accent finger has the same base but with some striping tape I tried to make the forest a bit different with Catrice LE Return of the space cowboys.

Hope you like it:

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  1. Odlično, navdušena sem. :)
    Pa veš, da sem te poslušala, kaka blogerka bi bila, če ne bi poslušala svojih bralcev. ;)

  2. U waw, tole si pa res super naredila, sploh megla mi je všeč. :D


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