Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Essence haul and comparison

Today I had some luck and got a lot of the new polishes and nail art that is part of the spring/summer assortment by Essence. And I made some comparisons - maybe they will be useful.

Essence special topper: Cool breeze, Twins reloaded:  Julia *looks like the purple glitter from the Hugs & Kisses LE  only instead of the hearts there are silver hexagon glitters*, Two nail art kits, Magnet pen
Here is a comparison of three Essence glitters that have flakie properties - meaning they change colour. The base for them all is Essence Prom-berry. All of the toppers are 1 coaters. More then words is part of the H&K LE it's a dirty rose sheer glitter in a clear base, that shifts from dirty rose to gold, bronze, light blue and green. 
Cool breeze is the new Special topper and is a sheer blue hexagon glitter with two sizes. They shift from dark blue, to light blue and dark and bright green, to dark and light purple - almost lilac. The most dominant colors are the blues. The glitters are quite scarce I had to glob it on to make it look like this. Dreams for sale is part of H&K LE and has 3 size hexagon glitters inside *couldn't get the biggest ones on the nail* but the color changing properties are the combination of the two before described. Think China glaze luxe and lush only in hexagon shape. 

This is a comparison between Catrice George Blueney and the new Essence Miss universe, here I used two coats for both. George Blueney has a deep dark blue jelly base and has a jeans blue shimmer. Miss universe has a black jelly base and scattered shimmer micro glitters. They range from deep blue to green. Perfect for Galaxy nail art. Think Catrice the return of the space cowboys only Miss universe does not have any purple shimmer inside.

Then I kept them for the base to make the final comparison swatch. Today I got the new Essence gold fever and I was so excited couz I thought it will be a remake of the discontinued Make it golden and boy was I wrong! Please ignore the big blue glitter on the middle finger I had a small mishap and that was the only way to hide it :) The old gold fever consists of micro glitter mostly bronze, some gold and a scarce red. This is one coat. The new gold fever is actually a mix of the old gold fever and make it golden. It has the same slightly gold tinted jelly base and the bronze that is so dominant in the old gold fever is quite rare here. In here we have two sized hexagon glitter that shifts from silver to gold. Make it golden has the same base only there are no red or bronze micro glitters. And the two sized glitters are only gold. The formula here is the most thick.

Here are some other Color & Go polishes I managed to get my talons on. The brushes are the same as they were before. And the Twins glitter toppers are the same size as the H&K LE polishes and also have the same size and form of brushes.

Hope this helps :)

What is your favorite part of the haul?


  1. Nail Art Twins laki imajo samo 5 ml? To je pa razočaranje. :(
    Super post in hvala za primerjave. Se bom dosti lažje odločila, kaj kupiti in kaj ne. :)

  2. Wow, super post! =) Miss universe in Cool Breeze izgledata obetavno =P Si že probala magnetni svinčnik?


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