Sunday, January 27, 2013

TN31DC: Day 27 - Inspired by you

These are my new dolls :) I am in love with them - and before you start they are one of my most comfortable shoes :) I must say when the Euro loses all it's power and the EU will convert to a shoe based currency I am set :)
As perfect as they are I will add some spikes and maybe some other stuff to them because currently they are just very bland. But hej I got them on a sale for 20€ so I won't complain - will keep you posted on their evolution :)

For the crazy shoe inspired mani I used Kleancolor go bunny and some stud nail stones from the born pretty store :)

How big is your shoe collection?



  1. handbags, shoes and nail polish - you can never have enough of them!

  2. Sadly my shoe collection is seriously lacking nowadays, but I really like these shoes a lot!

  3. I currently have around 250 pair of shoes, and even more nail polishes.... YIKES I am so running out of room... Not really I have a five BR house and only have to share with 3 dogs, one cat and 1 man, LOL...

    1. Sounds crowded but I bet very fashionable and pretty :)


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