Saturday, January 26, 2013

TN31DC: Day 26 - Inspired by your country

I live in Slovenia's capitol city - Ljubljana. ''HERE THERE BE DRAGONS'' There are dragons everywhere here - in our flag, on the bridge I pass everyday, in the logos of companies ...
So I wanted to make a dragon themed mani with stamps. But I realised I have no dragon stamps so I improvised and I love the way it came out. *Hint : dragons = lizards with wings*

The outside nails have Catrice Back to black as base. Then I stamped on my pinkie with Essence Silver twister to make it look like an old stone brick wall or the bridge. For the 'Dragon' I used BM15 with the lizard with S-he no. 314 and added something that looks like wings with BM07 and Depend no. 54. I love the way the lizard with wings looks like :) It's not as epic as a real dragon would be - but it's cute :) On the middle nails I wanted to make the scales look. The colors of the scales are Depend no. 54, Kleancolor leaves jingle, Catrice AcidDC, After eight, Birds flying high. I love this look the only trick is to use all very opaque and tacky polishes or they just spill all over each other.

Hope you like it :)

<3 the flying lizard on my index finger

The Dragon bridge I pass everyday 



  1. lol, ubij me, ja sam nekako držala da si ti čak dolje u australiji a ti šetaš po tromostju :D

  2. idk what's more amazing...the nails or the dragon! great mani!

  3. Wow, where is this gorgeous bridge?

    I checked out a few blogs from Sweet Sugar's share your blog and your first two posts (once upon a time and the photo of the theatre) had me sold! So hello from your newest follower!


    1. Welcome :O Capitol city of Slovenija (EU) Ljubljana - if you are ever there you can't miss it :)


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