Thursday, January 17, 2013

TN31DC: Day 17 - A new technique to you

I choose spun sugar technique. I've seen it around but I never tried it before it seem hard to do. But it's incredibly easy. I realised I have no talent with stuff everyone does like stamping and water marble but weirdness like spun sugar and splatter I can master in 1st try :)

As base on my index I used Essence Break thought and on the others Catrice wrapped around my finger. The purple stripes are made with Essence purple cherry and the rare pink ones with S-he no. 170.

Hope you like it I will be doing this a lot more often couz it's easy and I love the result :)

With flash
No flash


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  1. This looks great! Did it take a long time to dry?

    1. No couz the stripes are half dry already when you start to apply them :)

  2. Woaww, That looks awesome!!!!! Love it and I think I may try it too. Kisses.


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