Wednesday, January 2, 2013

TH31DC: Day 3 - Gold vs LoL Jarvan IV

What I like is man in shiny gold armor *princess waiting for prince charming syndrome much?*
So Jarvan IV is a sexy gold plated prince of Demacia in LoL. I usually don't go for the good guys but I just love how he yells when he summons up the own private arena right before ganking me.

I did this look that is inspired by him and in the bottom I added a link to a LoL cinematic trailer - there he is the main male champion so you can see his awesomeness :)

I used Essence LE Edwards love and Ruby kisses Steel magnolia as base. The crackle was done with China Glaze Cracked Medallion. And I wanted more bling so I added Wet n wild The gold and the beautiful or Kleancolor Gold caviar.
The look is supposed to resemble his armor - gold and cracked. This is dedicated to my LoL buddy Leikun :)

The mani with the top coats
Jarvan IV The Exemplar of Demacia

Before the top coats 

''Fetch your team --- I'll wait!''



  1. Oh looks cool! I like the colours in the 2nd a bit better .xx

    1. I know :) But my motto is go big or go home :)

  2. That polish crackles pretty awesome!


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