Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday stamping: Tape and stamp

I've had this no name brand stamping plate A43 that looks like tribal tattoos for a while now. So I finally dusted it off and used it for this look.
The base is Catrice LE Attracting camouflage - the color is ugly as you can see from the bottle. To quote my friend: ''The color of unhealthy piss'' but when you put some matt top coat over it I think it looks magical. Then I used Ruby Kisses Electric purple for the bottom stamp - that looks like tribal tattoos and over it I used Konad Royal purple to give it some extra stripes from the same plate. Then I made some freehand stripes with Bichun (no name) and added some cheezy flower rhinestones.

I just had to over did it :)  Somehow it reminds me of a tribal priestess outfit :) Loving it


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