Wednesday, January 30, 2013

TN31DC: Day 30 - Favorite technique

My favorite technique is making gradients. I haven't been doing a lot of them recently but this one is a beauty.  I used Essence silver twister and Barry M Gold foil for the base. Then I used Layla Mercury twilight and Depend no.2026 to make a gold - silver holo gradient.

Hope you like it :)

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

TN31DC: Day 29 - Inspired by a blogger

My inspiration is Sammi from glitznglammer. Not only is she a great swatcher when it comes to indie brands, her nail art is also always spot on :) In my few months as a blogger she was truly a great friend and a lovely little doll all around :)

So I tried to make a pretty swatch post like hers are - OFC it is an epixx fail :)
I used Catrice LE Be indiglow as base and Femme fatale Glinting lodestone. Hope you like it :)


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Monday, January 28, 2013

TN31DC: Day 28 - Favorite color

My current POLISH related favorite color is Holographic *pretends that is a real color*. But in real life my favorites are purple and black. So this is all out awesomness for me. With the crazy overflow of China glaze and Color club holographics I wanted to make a tribute to a big classic in my eye - Jade Magia negra and Fascino violeta. For personal comparison my pinkie is my own black holo wich will now be retired OFC :)

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday stamping: Tape and stamp

I've had this no name brand stamping plate A43 that looks like tribal tattoos for a while now. So I finally dusted it off and used it for this look.
The base is Catrice LE Attracting camouflage - the color is ugly as you can see from the bottle. To quote my friend: ''The color of unhealthy piss'' but when you put some matt top coat over it I think it looks magical. Then I used Ruby Kisses Electric purple for the bottom stamp - that looks like tribal tattoos and over it I used Konad Royal purple to give it some extra stripes from the same plate. Then I made some freehand stripes with Bichun (no name) and added some cheezy flower rhinestones.

I just had to over did it :)  Somehow it reminds me of a tribal priestess outfit :) Loving it


TN31DC: Day 27 - Inspired by you

These are my new dolls :) I am in love with them - and before you start they are one of my most comfortable shoes :) I must say when the Euro loses all it's power and the EU will convert to a shoe based currency I am set :)
As perfect as they are I will add some spikes and maybe some other stuff to them because currently they are just very bland. But hej I got them on a sale for 20€ so I won't complain - will keep you posted on their evolution :)

For the crazy shoe inspired mani I used Kleancolor go bunny and some stud nail stones from the born pretty store :)

How big is your shoe collection?


Saturday, January 26, 2013

TN31DC: Day 26 - Inspired by your country

I live in Slovenia's capitol city - Ljubljana. ''HERE THERE BE DRAGONS'' There are dragons everywhere here - in our flag, on the bridge I pass everyday, in the logos of companies ...
So I wanted to make a dragon themed mani with stamps. But I realised I have no dragon stamps so I improvised and I love the way it came out. *Hint : dragons = lizards with wings*

The outside nails have Catrice Back to black as base. Then I stamped on my pinkie with Essence Silver twister to make it look like an old stone brick wall or the bridge. For the 'Dragon' I used BM15 with the lizard with S-he no. 314 and added something that looks like wings with BM07 and Depend no. 54. I love the way the lizard with wings looks like :) It's not as epic as a real dragon would be - but it's cute :) On the middle nails I wanted to make the scales look. The colors of the scales are Depend no. 54, Kleancolor leaves jingle, Catrice AcidDC, After eight, Birds flying high. I love this look the only trick is to use all very opaque and tacky polishes or they just spill all over each other.

Hope you like it :)

<3 the flying lizard on my index finger

The Dragon bridge I pass everyday 


Friday, January 25, 2013

LISC: Snowman

I've already seen so many cute freehand snowman everywhere - now I overdosed on cuteness and can't get myself to make a cute snowman. Then I wanted to make a 'abominable snowman' look but I've never seen a Yeti up close and personal so no clue how to start that one *cracker alert* So I went super abstract and I just love it.

My pinkie has OPI Got your number liquid sand base. But the ruffnes of it was driving me crazy and I felt like I am poking everything or that stuff will get stuck on the top of the nail. I added OPI Pirouette my whistle as top coat I love it :) Looks like snow and the ruffnes is gone. The others have Ruby kisses Blues clues as base. Then I used BM14 stamps for the snowflakes and the abstract thingy. I used Essence stamp me! White and Silver twister. I used OPI Pirouette my whistle as a top coat now it looks like it's snowing there to.

Hope you like it :)

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