Monday, December 24, 2012

WHC: Santa and Elves

There are plenty of Santa manis flooding the blogs. So I went for the elves - even thou they are not a part of our X-mas lore where I come from. I do love their little curly shoes that remind me so much of the jester shoes. So I went and done this :)

I used Catrice LE Makes me smile and Polish pots (no name) as base. The socks are made with Vollare city no.01 and the stripes are made with Essence do you speak love. The shoes and the green decoration is made with S-he no.399. The red shoe decoration is made with LA Girl Iron red. The gold bells at the end of the shoes and decorations are made by catching the chunky glitters from Kleancolor Gold Caviar.

Hope you like it :)

No flash
With flash

The feet look like they are dancing


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