Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sat-ART-Day: Somthing x-massy vs. LoL

Again a day late :( I must say currently I am in so many x-mas challenges I'm done with all the red - green - white combos. But then this skin came out as an x-mas extra in League of Legends. I just love how Fiddlesticks looks here - like something out of a Tim Burton movie :) And I love the fact it has some purple in it and not the usual candy cane colours. I must say I am not a fan of Fiddlesticks. Just can't wrap my head around his gameplay. But this pixx was just too good not to use it as inspiration for this Saturday look :)

I used Vollare city no.01 as a base and made the stripes with Catrice LE The bright side of life. The face is made with Catrice back to black. The green coat swirls are made with Catrice LE Birds flying high. The belt is made with Essence Sneezy and the buckle and buttons are made with Berry m Gold foil effect. I must say I love the look :)

Sometimes X-mas is a bit evil <2
Fiddlesticks the Harbinger of doom - Dark candy look

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