Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sat - ART - Day: Colour block + mini haul

YAY one of my favorite nail look is colour blocking - if at all possible that every nail looks different. So I did one of my favorite combo - blue + gold and added some red because it picked up the red in the golden glitter :)

So I used Essence gold fever for the glittery nail. Catrice Marilyn & me for the reds and S-he no. 291 for the royal blue.

Hope you like it :)

My new rule is that I can buy only LE polishes or get them via swaps. So this is a mini haul post:
Jezy no.40, Polish pots (<3 the leopard print), Catrice LE Return of the space cowboys, Catrice LE Godfather of pearl,  Colour by TBN Gaga for glitter

Essence LE Fantasia Have you seen my unicorn, Queen of my cloud castle, Elves like lilac, Essence (discontinued) gold rush, Femme Fatale minis Winter hyacinth, Miasma, Glinting Lodestone
Did your polish spending ever gone out of control?



  1. Loving the colour combo's I too go overboard when I buy polish :D

  2. My spending is perpetually out of control))) I am glad you liked the ones I sent you!


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