Saturday, December 15, 2012

LoL mani: Varus the Arrow of Retribution

This was in my picture vault for a while. It's one of my favorite looks *possible Valentines mani?* that is LoL inspired and for one of my favorite champs - Varus <3
His color scheme is crazy awesome - red, purple and black what is there not to love? And his voice is so lovely and melodic <3 As soon as all this x-mas challenges craziness ends I will make the looks for all the other skins :) I think I started to like Syndra *also one of my faves* just because I think she would make a great GF for him :)
I used the same colours as he's sporting, since hes an archer OFC there is an arrow and a debuff hes making with attack Hail of arrows gives a heart over the hit enemy so ... hearts it is. Only no heart for my left hand couz it's my dominant hand and it was a big hassle so no debuff hearts for you :)

I used on my thumb and pinkie Essence LE Undead and Ruby kisses All purpled out as top coat. On my ring and index finger the base is Golden rose no. 234 and the middle finger has LA Girl Iron red as base. The heart is made with S-he no. 215 and the arrow with Essence Mysterious black.

I'm half in love with him anyways so Warning this is gonna be picture heavy :)

Varus the arrow of retribution

Righty with the heart

Lefty with no heart
Some extra awesome art

Usually I don't like pink on a man - but he can pull it off
''They will know regret.''


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