Sunday, December 9, 2012

LISC: X-mas story

One of the stories that will always stay with me is Charles Dickens' work A Christmas carol. The first time I learned about it was when on the last day of school in December we watched this story in a cartoon version. I was just a little kid then and had nightmares for the next few weeks from the ghosts in chains that visit Scrooge at the beginning.

So I decided to make a bit more dark look now since it reminds me of a relay scary x-mas :) (Nightmere before x-mas has nothing on this) I made the graveyard where the story changes and mr. Scrooge get his change of heart.

I used Essence Date in the moonlight as base and the gravestones are made with Essence I'm the boss!

Hope you like it even thou it's a bit gloomy :)

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