Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Catrice Comparison

So recently I got relay lucky and all my shimmer glitter lemmings found their way to me at the same time. Since there is no way I will ever own something as crazy expensive as Ozotic polishes  these will do :)

The post will be a bit picture heavy get ready. The base I used is a simple black from Constance Caroll Ebony.
Pinkie has on Catrice Godfather of pearl on. Which has scattered micro shimmer in it that range from blue, green to purple in a clear base. But mostly it looks blue. As an extra it has relay tiny silver glitters in it. *Looks like a simple solution for the next galaxy nails challenge.*
On my ring finger there is Catrice Return of the space cowboys that has the same shimmery glitters in it as Godfather of pearl only it's in a black jelly base and it doesn't have any silvery micro glitter in it. But it shifts into purple a lot more often then the pinkie one. And my favorite of the day is Catrice Sky and Snow - pure awesomeness :) the first two polishes linearly change colours. Here there are blue and purple shimmers inside scattered and shift colours individually - a must have :) And lastly on my index finger is Constance Caroll Glitterama that is a prismatic white base that shimmers into purple and has silver micro glitter.

Enough talk let the pictures do the talking :)

Do you ever make a skittles look just so you can compare the polishes?


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