Friday, December 28, 2012

WHC: New Year eve

I did this look a while back but I loved it so much I am rocking it right now on my toes and I will repeat it for NYE.
Before the pixx and names spam lemme say this since this is my last post for this year :

So I used Catrice how I matt your mother and All I can blue for the french mani look. The multicolored glitter is a no name Bichun polish. I love how shiny and kitchy it is just right for the most glittery night of the year :)

And a big Thank you to the lovely Crumpet for making this challenge happen :)

Even with no glitter I <3 this combo


Monday, December 24, 2012

WHC: Santa and Elves

There are plenty of Santa manis flooding the blogs. So I went for the elves - even thou they are not a part of our X-mas lore where I come from. I do love their little curly shoes that remind me so much of the jester shoes. So I went and done this :)

I used Catrice LE Makes me smile and Polish pots (no name) as base. The socks are made with Vollare city no.01 and the stripes are made with Essence do you speak love. The shoes and the green decoration is made with S-he no.399. The red shoe decoration is made with LA Girl Iron red. The gold bells at the end of the shoes and decorations are made by catching the chunky glitters from Kleancolor Gold Caviar.

Hope you like it :)

No flash
With flash

The feet look like they are dancing


Sunday, December 23, 2012

HH: Belle of the Ball drop

So a big NY trend for everything here is Gold. If it were up to me it would be a colour that is in all year. So I went simple for this and just used something trendy for the Wildest night of the year :)

I used Depend no.2026 and the accent nail is made with Spoiled I'm Ba-roque *one of my fave polish names ever BTW*

Hope you like it :)

Got any big NYE plans?


Saturday, December 22, 2012

LISC: X-mas/Holidays

Bahh this is my last red-green-white combo look. I kindoff overdid it with all those colours and they are damn everywhere. I did something simple and now I'M DONE :) Nuff said :)

I used Kleancolor Leaves jingle for the green base or green french top. Kleancolor Metallic red for the red base or red french top. The white base is made with Vollare city no.01 and some Kleancolor Grand finale for the sparkly top coat over the white.

I think it's something Mrs. Claus would wear :)
Hope you like it :)

Are you sick of the red-green-white combo in the X-mas time as well?


WHC: Reindeer and Sleigh

For this look I focused only on the awesome parts of deer - the Antlers. So I made some deer antlers spreading over the nails and some X-mas ornaments hanging off them. I must say it's one of my best X-mas work so far.
The base is a brown ombre (from pinkie to index) Essence School is out forever, Essence Sneezy, Essence Desert fox and Essence Zulu. The antlers are done with Catrice Steel my heart. The ornaments are made with Catrice Bright side of life and have tiny pink spots made with Butterfly no. 398. The white string is made with Vollare city no.01.

Hope yo like it :)


Friday, December 21, 2012

HH: Sweet treats

I pulled out all the stops for this look :) I love cupcakes specially the ones my kid sister makes :)
So I used Kiko no. 399 and Essence LE Zulu for the base. The frosting is made with Catrice Dirty berry, S-he no.155 and my personal red and purple franken holos. The cherries are made with my own red and blue franken holos. I added some sprinkles with Depend no. 335.
Hope you like it :)


Thursday, December 20, 2012

WHC: X-mas decoration

I got these two Femme fatale nail polishes from my Australian swap and when I put them on together I realised they are perfect fro this challenge. :)

The purple nails have S-he no.247 as a base and Femme fatale Miasma on top. I love this look since it reminds me of tacky wrapping paper when it's in combination with Depend no. 54 base and Femme fatale  Winter Hyacinth as top coat. This turquoise combo reminds me of a X-mas tree and all the different shaped glitter reminds me of the ornaments on it.

I hope you love this look as much as I do :)


HH: Merry Madness

I never like the Grinch or Scrooge and those are the only anti X-mas things I could thought of. So I decided to post a look that is entirely made out of holos but it was made during the year and it's not at all X-massy. So this is what I found in my pixx vault.

The base is made with Essence LE Metal babe, the dots are made with Kiko no.399 and the French mani tips are made with Essence LE Pink punk.

Hope you like it :)

And a awesome giveaway reminder. The lovely Anna from Going to showing is offering the awesome Colour club Halo hues. I'm in because if I win I'm prepared for the next HH challenge :)
Here is the LINK :)
Good luck!!!


HH: Holiday traditions

A tradition we always stick to in my house is the making of the Nativity scene in the house. In my country it is a common practice to make them in you home - the life size ones are quite rare. We usually make them out of natural materials like moss, branches and gravel. While the figures are ceramic and plastic. As a kid I loved those things so much I was playing with those figures in the summer because i was so excited for

Since I don't own a green holo I used Catrice jade is not my name as base. And made different green patterns with S-he no.314 for the moss. Then I used Depend no.336 that is a holographic silver glitter for the little scattered sheep on the grass :)

My inspiration - nativity scene

Do you make something like this in your home?


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

HH: X-mas songs

I love holos and then I saw this new nail challenge from the lovely ladies at Nailed it and Neverland nail blog named Holographic holidays. When I piled all my holos together I realised I don't even own that many - and most that I own I made. So please have patience with me and let's hope Santa will bring me some holos this year :) And I literally haven't seen the sun in weeks (it's foggy here all the time) so some pictures won't be as shiny as there would be in the summer :(

For the 1st challenge we had to make a look inspired by a X-mas song. I must say I avoid the radio in December like the plague because all the X-mas songs are overwhelming, repetitive and on all the time. So as an inspiration I used the only song I remember from my childhood - Silent night, holy night.

So I did this very simple I used my personal Black holo franken and did an accent nail with Essence hello holo. So now it looks like a starry night :) I love the look and must say I am quite proud of my creation since it's relay black and not that carbon gray hue that has been popping in some holo lines :)

This will be the looks for the next week :)
And if anyone doesn't know this classic, here is a link:


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sat-ART-Day: Somthing x-massy vs. LoL

Again a day late :( I must say currently I am in so many x-mas challenges I'm done with all the red - green - white combos. But then this skin came out as an x-mas extra in League of Legends. I just love how Fiddlesticks looks here - like something out of a Tim Burton movie :) And I love the fact it has some purple in it and not the usual candy cane colours. I must say I am not a fan of Fiddlesticks. Just can't wrap my head around his gameplay. But this pixx was just too good not to use it as inspiration for this Saturday look :)

I used Vollare city no.01 as a base and made the stripes with Catrice LE The bright side of life. The face is made with Catrice back to black. The green coat swirls are made with Catrice LE Birds flying high. The belt is made with Essence Sneezy and the buckle and buttons are made with Berry m Gold foil effect. I must say I love the look :)

Sometimes X-mas is a bit evil <2
Fiddlesticks the Harbinger of doom - Dark candy look

Here are the other ladies:

(Submissions close in 10d 15h 3m)
Link tool by

Saturday, December 15, 2012

LoL mani: Varus the Arrow of Retribution

This was in my picture vault for a while. It's one of my favorite looks *possible Valentines mani?* that is LoL inspired and for one of my favorite champs - Varus <3
His color scheme is crazy awesome - red, purple and black what is there not to love? And his voice is so lovely and melodic <3 As soon as all this x-mas challenges craziness ends I will make the looks for all the other skins :) I think I started to like Syndra *also one of my faves* just because I think she would make a great GF for him :)
I used the same colours as he's sporting, since hes an archer OFC there is an arrow and a debuff hes making with attack Hail of arrows gives a heart over the hit enemy so ... hearts it is. Only no heart for my left hand couz it's my dominant hand and it was a big hassle so no debuff hearts for you :)

I used on my thumb and pinkie Essence LE Undead and Ruby kisses All purpled out as top coat. On my ring and index finger the base is Golden rose no. 234 and the middle finger has LA Girl Iron red as base. The heart is made with S-he no. 215 and the arrow with Essence Mysterious black.

I'm half in love with him anyways so Warning this is gonna be picture heavy :)

Varus the arrow of retribution

Righty with the heart

Lefty with no heart
Some extra awesome art

Usually I don't like pink on a man - but he can pull it off
''They will know regret.''

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