Sunday, November 18, 2012

NOTD: Revoltaire army

Finally I managed to get all the polishes from Catrice LE Revoltaire. I don't even know why because most of the colours from the collection aren't my favorite colours but I grew to like them all :) No need to say my favorite is Colour of honor (gold). I think what I like the most is the bottle design with the baroque filigree and skulls (that's how bottles wold look if I could design them). Dammit Catrice I'm hooked on all their LE stuff. If any of you out there have any LE stuff from them drop a line ;)

So in honor of my collection I did this look. I used Innocent toxin (Catrice Acid DC is it's dupe BTW) for the base and Colour bomb was used for the details. The glitter on top is part of SpectaculART LE named Gold leaf top coat (Catrice Million dollar baby is a dupe for that)

Hope you like it :)

My little Revoltaire army <3
 Is there a LE you just had to get all of?


1 comment:

  1. Palec pa prstanec zgledata kickass <3 Flaške so ble pa tok lepe za to kolekcijo


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