Monday, November 26, 2012

LoL mani: Volibear the Thunder's roar

OMG I <3 VOLIBEAR!!! He's my all time favorite LoL champ! Whenever I have a bad day (or recently month) I go home and play Voli :) Not only is he an awesome ARMORED BEAR hes voice is angry and he shoots thunderbolts around :) *What is there not to love?* :)
My life is currently very stressful so a big yelling thunder bear is in usage daily now :) So I decided to make all my next manis Volibear inspired - he has 3 skins so there will be 3 looks.

The 1st one is inspired by his normal skin. I used Essence LE Metal babe as base, to make the thunderbolts I used my own franken I named Volibear (it was made just for this look) :) The top part of the ring finger is done with Depend no. 252 and the glitter top coat is Essence hello holo.

End result <3
Volibear the Thunder's roar *drools*

Before adding Essence Hello holo

*G33k humor*

Not my art but my all time favorite pixx of Voli
 Here is the official Champion presentation of Volibear - check it just so you can hear him yell at you - always calms me down :)

''Face the storm!''



  1. I follow you and I hope you will reciprocate...

  2. Hehe kjut :) Strele si delala po Nailside tutorialu?

    1. Could be I honestly don't remember :) I do <3 thunderbolts


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