Sunday, November 4, 2012

LoL mani: Swain the Master Tactician

Ahhh done with all the nail challenges... So back to my own challenge of making LOL inspired manis ;)
Swain is one of the 1st champions I ever played and developed a tiny g33k crush on them. And the best part is he changes into a giant bird - but as awesome as he is i rarely play him. Somehow I'm no good with shapeshifting champions. But hes voice and crazy dance are making him irresistible ;) Even thou hes an old man ;) And I always thought he's LeBlancs lover - they would make a nice Noxus power couple i think. If you want to know who she is here is my mani for her: click click

And damn he has a owl a clear favorite of mine :) So feathers, snow and owls were my inspiration.

I used Essence I love bad boys as the blue base and with a bit of saran wrap technique I put over Essence sparkling water Lilly. To make the stamp feathers and owl I used Essence silver twister and I'm the boss. To make the snow coat detail I used I'm the boss, silver twister and Berry M gold foil to make the gold buttons :) The snowy glitter I made with Essence hello holo.

With the winter here I think this is perfect for the time 
Swain the Master tactician - Northern front skin - gotta love the owl

This is how he looks in game when transformed
'' If we approach strategically from the flank ... Oh who am I kidding, let's just morph and kill them!''



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